Mar 12 | A star is born!

Get ready for part one of this photoshoot! This shoot was pure fun and pure glamour! I had such a hard time narrowing down the images that I’m just going to go ahead and upload all the amazing shots! Go ahead and bring that laptop with you to the couch, get cozy, grab that cup of coffee because what lies ahead is pure eye candy!

My dear friend Sheila, of Arkeeology Photography, was gracious enough to invite me to a photoshoot that she had planned with her make-up artist friend, Sparkle. They had a gorgeous model to shoot that afternoon and when I say gorgeous I mean GORGEOUS! Lauren Trujillo is only 16, but she models like Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Heidi Klum! She looks exotic doesn’t she? Well she is part Mexican, Spanish and Irish. Yup! Which explains why she is so darn breathtaking! At 5′ 8″, this young lady knew her angles, knew her body, and knew where the camera was at all times! No directing needed! Lauren is a dream, and I was honored and lucky enough to have photographed her for a few hours.

Part One….


Mar 12 | Elaine Tee

I must admit I am so blessed. Someone up there is really looking out for me. Lately I have been so fortunate to meet such wonderful people and Elaine is definitely one of them! I met Elaine, a fellow photographer, from a forum we both visit. We had tried to schedule a meeting a couple of times before, but our schedules kept clashing or the weather was not cooperating. Finally, after a few weeks of rescheduling, we finally decided to meet in the morning in Old Town Pasadena.

I arrived early to scope out the location and to test the lighting. I was in such a panic because not only was I shooting Elaine that day, but I had another shoot lined up that afternoon and an engagement shoot on a beach in Malibu the next day! Whew!

Elaine called and said she would be running a little late and for me to hang tight. On the phone, Elaine sounded very sweet and very cute. We had decided to meet in front of the Cheesecake factory. Never having met her or seen her before, I was nervous that I wouldn’t know who she was. However, as I turned my head to the right, I saw this slender woman with gorgeous flowing hair in a pink lacy top walking towards the restaurant. I wondered if it was Elaine….and yes it was!

We hit it off from the get go! We went to grab a cup of coffee and started walking around Pasadena looking for a place to start our trade session. I had so much fun with Elaine and she definitely taught me a lot about shooting manually. Elaine is so adorable and is a talented photographer and interior designer!

I couldn’t have asked for better light. The cool morning air gave us an overcast sky, but the sun did play peek-a-boo throughout our session.Elaine. Ms. Fierce. Rawr.That beauty mark and her laugh is to die for. The pose on the left was a bit out there, but hey…I was inspired! 😛 I think it works!
As we were nearing the end of our session, we walked into this amazing alley with colorful graffiti…a photographer’s dream!
Elaine and I are both coffee fanatics!

Mar 6 | Montalvo Family

Vanessa and I have been going to the same gym for the last several years. All this time we would chit chat when we were waiting for our kickboxing class, but we never really got to know one another. Until finally this past winter we decided to spend some time together outside of the gym and actually have a conversation lasting longer than 10 minutes.

For our first outing I decided to take Vanessa to one of my favorite bakery shops in L.A. county, Porto’s! I love Porto’s with a passion and wanted to share my love of their guava filled cheese rolls. I remember we sat in the back of the restaurant with the floor to ceiling windows and started talking about anything and everything. We talked about our work, our significant others, our love for food, all the while eating our delicious sandwiches and drinking our splendid coffee.

Well over the course of the winter, our friendship grew. We hung out more often and met up for dinner here and there. Vanessa would even invite me to join her for her family Christmas dinner. We became great friends and we would even embark on an international adventure together (that’s for another post).

But for now, I want to introduce you to the Montalvo family. When Vanessa told me that she had a brand new nephew I immediately offered my services and told her that I would shoot a newborn session. Get ready everyone, you’re going to fall in love with Jonathan.

Jonathan is full of facial expressions! I am totally smitten with him.The bear suit was courtesy of his aunt Vanessa. So cute. Joseph, the big brother. Ladies Joseph’s eyelashes are completely natural…full, thick and long.You see what I meant about those lashes? The Montalvo men. Vanessa’s sister has two boys of her own. What a proud grandfather.Little did I know it was a birthday celebration as well. Joseph, big Joe, turned 26. Senor made carne asada and Senora made a chocolate oreo birthday cake and green salsa for the carne asada! Oh so delicious! It was quite a treat to spend the afternoon with my friend and her family. I felt like an honorary Montalvo.The Montalvo family: Joseph, Ahleli, little Joseph, and Jonathan.