Mar 13 | Sarah + Daniel

I just adore this couple. Sarah and Daniel are fun, energetic, and so sweet together. Sarah told me that she has always dreamed of doing an e-session on the beach. I couldn’t turn her down so I drove one hour from Orange County to make her dream come true.

Sarah told me that she wanted her engagement shoot to be at a very particular location. I have never heard of it before, but as soon as I googled it I was in love! The location couldn’t have been more majestic or more perfect. I knew exactly how I wanted to shoot the session and I had already pictured what type of outfit Sarah should wear.

Then the next few days Sarah asked for suggestions on an outfit and I immediately jumped to answer her! A maxi dress! I knew a maxi dress would be a perfect contrast against the rugged scenery and it totally worked in this shoot! Besides being passionate about photography, I’m equally as passionate about fashion so whenever a client asks what I suggest for an outfit I jump at the chance to give her my two cents.

See what I mean? The maxi works doesn’t it?

Sarah is simply lovely. She has the nicest legs and beautiful large eyes! Sarah had her make-up professionally done by a MAC artist and I highly recommend everyone get their make-up professionally done before a shoot. It really makes a difference ladies.Yup, I had to tell Sarah to show off her gams!

I love shooting in fields. I couldn’t leave without getting a few sunset shots in this gorgeous meadow.