Jan 26 | I am blessed

I’ve always been in love with photography ever since I was young. I’ve always taken photos wherever I went. When my nieces were born I would buy rolls and rolls of Kodak 36 exp film and shoot with my Canon Eos Elan II E. Oops! Did I just date myself? 😛 Each time my nieces came to visit, I would always shoot at least one to two rolls of film.
These last several years I’ve been blog stalking all my favorite wedding photographers’ sites. I would daydream of one day becoming a photographer myself and shooting weddings through the season. Why didn’t I become a photographer? I guess I was always too scared to try and no one ever gave me the encouragement and support to go for my dream.
Until one day, I just had an epiphany while working at my graphic design job. It just hit me like a ton of bricks! I said “I need to stop dreaming and start doing! I need to at least try my hand in photography.”
So that same night I came home and went on to a photography forum where I just happened to see a post by Arkeeology who posted a request to do a session trade. I responded to her post and emailed her a link of some of my pictures I’ve taken throughout the years. To my surprise Sheila responded with an enthusiastic “Yes” and when can we shoot? 😛 We met up on a Saturday in downtown Fullerton and spent our time getting to know one another while shooting. What can I say? I’m so blessed to have met this beautiful woman! Not only is she a talented photographer, she is also beautiful and a kindred spirit. Sheila is so open and generous. She let me pick her brain for 2 hours and she also invited me to shoot with her the next day!
Thank you Sheila for kicking my butt into high gear and not letting my dream of becoming a photographer fade into the night. Visit her site when you get a chance. She takes amazing photos too! http://arkeeology.wordpress.com

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