June 5 | Vanessa

What better way to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon in O.C. than to hang out with friends, Vanessa & Harmony. Vanessa was kind enough to let me play dress up with her. I was the make-up artist, fashion stylist, hair stylist AND photographer for the day.

Believe it or not we are on live train tracks! Yes, I don’t know why we did it, but we did. We jumped down the platform and shot on live train tracks with live trains whizzing by! That is Vanessa on the further side of the train tracks, and I’m on the other. However, I must blame Harmony because she pointed out the train platform to shoot on. I just took it one step further….

Vanessa had the feathers put in her hair at a salon. I took it a step further and straightened her hair and braided her hair back to show off the feathers more. Lovely eye make-up don’t you agree? Why, thank you! 😛
I love how clean, crisp and youthful this outfit and make-up is. It totally fits the season. For our next outfit change, we went into a Starbucks and Vanessa changed there. While she was changing I noticed this amazing area and knew I had to take a few shots in this corner. I’m sure the customers didn’t appreciate it, but anything for a shot! 😛

3 thoughts on “June 5 | Vanessa

  1. Beautiful photos Kris. Vanessa is a fabulous model and a beauty. Love the second outfit. Maybe in December you would do my hair and make-up too. I would love that.

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