Mar 12 | Elaine Tee

I must admit I am so blessed. Someone up there is really looking out for me. Lately I have been so fortunate to meet such wonderful people and Elaine is definitely one of them! I met Elaine, a fellow photographer, from a forum we both visit. We had tried to schedule a meeting a couple of times before, but our schedules kept clashing or the weather was not cooperating. Finally, after a few weeks of rescheduling, we finally decided to meet in the morning in Old Town Pasadena.

I arrived early to scope out the location and to test the lighting. I was in such a panic because not only was I shooting Elaine that day, but I had another shoot lined up that afternoon and an engagement shoot on a beach in Malibu the next day! Whew!

Elaine called and said she would be running a little late and for me to hang tight. On the phone, Elaine sounded very sweet and very cute. We had decided to meet in front of the Cheesecake factory. Never having met her or seen her before, I was nervous that I wouldn’t know who she was. However, as I turned my head to the right, I saw this slender woman with gorgeous flowing hair in a pink lacy top walking towards the restaurant. I wondered if it was Elaine….and yes it was!

We hit it off from the get go! We went to grab a cup of coffee and started walking around Pasadena looking for a place to start our trade session. I had so much fun with Elaine and she definitely taught me a lot about shooting manually. Elaine is so adorable and is a talented photographer and interior designer!

I couldn’t have asked for better light. The cool morning air gave us an overcast sky, but the sun did play peek-a-boo throughout our session.Elaine. Ms. Fierce. Rawr.That beauty mark and her laugh is to die for. The pose on the left was a bit out there, but hey…I was inspired! 😛 I think it works!
As we were nearing the end of our session, we walked into this amazing alley with colorful graffiti…a photographer’s dream!
Elaine and I are both coffee fanatics!

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