May 28 | Anthro Closet Chaos : Mompos

This was a dream come true! As all of you know I love fashion, and my favorite store is Anthropologie. I contacted Laura of Anthro Closet Chaos and asked if she would want to collaborate on a shoot together. I told Laura that I wanted to shoot her and style her and in return she would receive high resolution images for her to post on her blog. I didn’t expect an email back from Laura with an ecstatic “YES!”.

I arrived at Laura’s house and was amazed at our instant chemistry. It was as if we knew each other for longer than we had. I am definitely in love with Laura’s closet. No, not in love. Infatuated with her closet. She owns items that I’ve always wanted to get, but never could pull the trigger. I had so much fun going through her Anthropologie inventory and putting two outfits together.

We ¬†woke up very early the next day and got started on our shoot in the part of Bakersfield that I have never been to. The Kern River runs along this part of the city and the beautifully manicured lawns and estate homes are to die for! First up is the “Mompos” dress by Tracy Reese styled by yours truly.

Isn’t she adorable? The first thing I uttered when I stepped through her front door was “You’re so cute!”Look how tiny her waist is! Laura is definitely in great shape.

One thought on “May 28 | Anthro Closet Chaos : Mompos

  1. Great job Kris. How funny I used the Bee Ring in my line-up first, and you put it last. Ha-ha tiny waist. All I can say is Ha-ha! Love you for that one.

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