Tammy | Anthropologie Styled Shoot | Orange County Lifestyle Photographer

I did an Anthropologie styled shoot during Memorial weekend with the beautiful Laura of AnthroClosetChaos. You can see the shoot with Laura here, here, and here. I had so much fun meeting a fellow anthroholic that I attempted to do another styled shoot with another anthro blogger.

TammyΒ is new to the blogging world and I saw her post an outfit on a blog we both contribute too. I looked up her location and luckily she was local. So I took my chance and asked if she would be interested in collaborating on a photoshoot and Tammy responded YES! πŸ˜›

I had so much fun hanging out with Tammy in her home styling the outfits below! There were so many choices, that I narrowed it down to 4. I incorporated both of our styles into the outfits and added some unexpected twists. I hope you all enjoy this fun fun shoot!

Our day was filled with a lot of unexpected surprises. The first location I wanted to shoot at was about to close and we were promptly told to leave. So I moved on to the second location I had in mind which had a great rooftop view, but the gate to that location was closed as well! Oy! I was racking my brain to find a place to shoot so off to South Orange County we went.

I love how dreamy this first set looks.

Tammy is so comfortable in front of the camera. I’m envious of people who can be themselves. It’s so hard for me to be myself in front of the camera. I stiffen up as soon as I look into the lens. πŸ˜›Tammy is my idol! She has not one, not two, but THREE pairs of gorgeous Louboutins! Ugh. How I wish I can buy these fabulous stilettos too!Β Tammy’s hair and make up was done by her fabulous cousin! Such beautiful work.I so heart that birdcage necklace! Its so darling that I want to buy one too.And here’s outfit #2. I love Tammy’s laugh. It’s so infectious and I was honored to capture it on camera.Tammy’s style is feminine, vintage, girly and fun. She collects vintage cameras and vintage suitcases!Β 
I love this light here. It’s so dreamy and soft.Β Onto outfit #3…my style! Edgy yet feminine and lots of contrast! I soooooo love anything with hearts so of course I am in love with those Vivienne Westwood heels and that headband!Those triceps are from all the surfing that Tammy does! Yes, she’s a surfer too! Tammy, you amaze me!Ahhh…outfit #4. This is my favorite outfit and favorite location of the day. This location was totally and completely unexpected. Driving down the street, the road was blocked so I had to turn left at the signal to make a U. Driving back down, I noticed how the sunlight was hitting this building and I screeched to a halt. This is it! This will be our final location! πŸ˜› Out of the car we went…This is my favorite outfit of the day. It’s so unexpected and edgy. I love it. Of course I love the gold glitter Louboutins paired with this outfit too!Β This is my ultimate goal…to have backlighting, sunflares and that starburst! We stopped just in time as the sun was low on the horizon! As you may have figured out, yes we did stop at a parking structure to finish off the photoshoot.

Thank you Tammy for being a wonderful model and for trusting my vision and my choices in styling you from head to toe! πŸ˜›

Daisy + Cylix | Engagement Session | Orange County Wedding Photographer

The beautiful Astrid, invited me along for an engagement session in Pomona. I was really excited because I got to experiment and try different angles and looks in this fabulous location. This is a location that I will come back to again and again!

Daisy and Cylix wore matching outfits in a beautiful burgundy and black.

They are having a civil ceremony and wanted to have portraits taken before their big day. Their reception would be at a karoke bar with catered food!Β Daisy has such a unique look about her. She really stunning in photographs and in person.Daisy certainly knows how to work the camera! I love it when she gazes into my lens! πŸ˜›

Astrid Baloun | Maternity Session

The beautiful Astrid is a fellow photographer based in Orange County. We met up for coffee at my favorite coffee shop, Kean’s Coffee, in Tustin. It was an extremely warm day and we relaxed inside the coffee shop with our icy caffeinated beverages. We chatted about the business and our hopes and dreams for growing our business. I found out that she is Guatemalan…that is where her beautiful skin and shining large eyes come from.

After we finished our drinks, I suggested that we do a quicky maternity session. Astrid was totally up for it! We jumped in our cars and headed down to the park.

Isn’t this light on Astrid just gorgeous? She’s carrying her second daughter, Kaia, which is to be due in on month!

Astrid is so natural and comfortable in front of the camera…a photographer’s dream.