Inspiration Point | Corona Del Mar Photographer

I always arrive to a shoot at least a half hour before start time to scout the location, to check the light and to familiarize myself with the surrounding area. While driving down to Corona Del Mar, the heavy marine fog came in around late afternoon. It was so surreal to see this heavy fog in the middle of the afternoon and the weather changed drastically. It was damp, cold, windy and gloomy. I do enjoy marine fog and gloomy weather so I was in my element. 😛

While scouting the location, I found such gorgeous scenery everywhere around me. The homes are so amazingly gorgeous!

Below is a sculpture implanted in the garden in front of a gorgeous home, taken with my new iphone! 😛

And let’s look at these stunning front doors! Two neighbors with two very different styles. That’s my reflection in the picture on the right! 😛 I love the chrome door because it’s so unique and so unexpected. I love that sculpture hanging in front of the front door on the right! I don’t quite know what it is….a compass…a candelabra? I just know that I love it!Whoa! This home is almost like a fairy tale! This is the heavy fog I was talking about. It’s only 5pm! 

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