Kathy + Ron | Assistant Photographer for Madeleine Temme.

Whew! Now that fall is finally here and the summer wedding season is finally put to bed, I am catching up on all the events that I have photographed over the summer. I had the extraordinary opportunity to second shoot for Madeleine Temme of Abundanty Above Photography.

Let’s get the images underway shall we?

This image made me tear up as well. Ronald is so in love with his beautiful and spunky bride, Kathy. Throughout the ceremony, Ronald kept telling his bride “I love you so much.” Yeah, now you can see why I was tearing up right?I was so honored to be able to capture this momentous day in Kathy and Ron’s life. You see they were high school sweethearts. However, life took them in separate directions and lead them to different sides of the country. Both lead their lives and as fate would have it, both lost their spouses. Surprisingly, Ronald went on a search for his long lost high school sweetheart and after much trials and tribulations, he found her, courted her, and married her.
Kathy may be a mature bride, but she is full of fire and spunk! I loved her energy and grace. All the decor was hand done…even the beautiful programs.Thank you Kathy and Ron and Madeleine! I had a blast!

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