Slater 50/50 | Anaheim Photographer

Seems like I’ve been eating out a lot huh? Well this is a special case. For my friend’s birthday, I decided to take her to Slater 50/50! The reviews on yelp were amazing so I’m glad that Vanessa was up for it!

Our burgers were gigantic and delicious. Vanessa had the house favorite “50/50” and I had the “Thanksgiving burger”. YUMMMM. Since the gigantic burgers were not enough to fill our bellies, we also ordered french fries, fried mac ‘n cheese, and fried artichoke hearts! 😛 No we didn’t finish all the food, we did end up taking half our burgers home to relish the next day.

Also, I took these pictures with my new iphone 4s!! Yes, I finally caved in and got a smart phone. But not just any smart phone….an iphone! 😛 Good bye to my old 2005 Samsung slide phone! 😛

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