Montage Laguna Beach

I had the pleasure of second shooting for SixSixty Studio at the gorgeous venue of Montage Laguna Beach. The Montage is unbelievable! Their customer service is unparalleled! Even as a vendor, you get the red carpet treatment! It’s utterly amazing!

I have been dreaming of visiting the Montage for years, but never had a reason to stop in or had the means of affording one night’s stay. I’m so lucky that I had the opportunity to shoot with SixSixty Studio and finally got to realize my dream of experiencing the Montage.

Usually as a vendor, we get seated in a different area while the guests are having their dinner. This is still true at the Montage, but we got the royal treatment as well! We were in the executive board room! The Montage provided us with a beverage station of coffee, or tea, or soda. They even provided little jars of golden honey for our tea!

This is my meal from our buffet. Spicy tomato soup, chicken, green beans, and the most amazing mashed potatoes ever!
Yes, this is our buffet! 😛 We even had a dessert tray with assorted cookies. I had to get the double chocolate chocolate chip cookie (the last one on the bottom left). 😛

Thank you Montage! Thank you SixSixty for bringing me along.

Phyllisophical | Tustin Photographer

Ladies, you must visit this chic, avant garde clothing store in downtown Tustin. Phyllis, owner of Phyllisophical, supports local artisans! She carries their products in her stylishly decorated store! I mean just look at the chandeliers! I absolutely love this place. As soon as you walk in you are enveloped in beautiful natural light from all sides of the store. The interior is light and airy! I just love how Phyllis and her team displays products and places all the furniture in the perfect spot!

I adore brick buildings, exposed brick, buildings with history…Phyllis sure did get a fabulous location.Look at all these amazing pieces of jewelry! All are hand made and done by local artisans. I’m a total sucker for crosses and rosaries. I wanted to buy it all!