Domo Gang | Bakersfield Photographer

So I really got put to work this Thanksgiving! Besides having to prepare and cook Thanksgiving dinner my sister also had me do a Christmas shoot for her Christmas cards! Oy vey! But how can I resist shooting my favorite subjects, my nieces.

Although my girls were and still are against being photographed, I had to trick them into it by telling them that they can bring their favorite plush character on the shoot…DOMO!

I love pampering my girls every time I visit. I usually give them manicures and mini makeovers whenever I visit. What can I say? I love fashion!

First up…Julienne.

Second is Jordan who is 13. Third up is Jenna who is 12 and the baby. Although she hates being called a “baby”. But look at the Domo…it is a baby! 😛
I just happened to come across this gorgeous setting as the girls and I rode our bikes to the park earlier that day.Why can’t they remain babies? 😛 I ask them that all the time and they just look at me and say “Oh Auntie…” and shake their heads. Lol.

Cat Woman | Bakersfield Photographer

Oh how they grow up so quickly. My eldest niece is now a teenager and quickly becoming a beautiful woman. I remember when she was first born and I held her in my arms and remembered even then how gorgeous she was. Now as a 16 year old she’s even more stunning and independent.

Julienne was Cat Woman for Halloween and I remembered seeing the picture that my sister shot, which prompted me to come up with the idea of a styled shoot! I went up to visit for Thanksgiving and I told Julienne that I wanted to shoot her wearing her costume and that I would do her hair and make-up! As many of my friends and family know, I absolutely love fashion so I was delighted when I got to create a look for this shoot.

Stunning right? Ugh, breaks my heart how fast she’s grown.

Yup! I should definitely get a modeling agent for her! 😛 

My Birthday!

I was so excited to have shared my birthday with my friend! I haven’t been to Disneyland since I left their employment about 7 years ago! It was finally time for me to revisit the famous park and to just act like a kid! Just a few snapshots of me enjoying my day and acting a fool. 😛

Although the Haunted Mansion isn’t my favorite ride, I just love how it’s decked out by Jack Skeleton!

I was able to get these shots with my iPhone without my phone flying out of my hands as we whirled down the Matterhorn!Ah my free birthday beignet at Cafe Orleans! Thank you Mickey!This was my delicious lunch at Cafe Orleans. Chicken Gumbo Crepe on the left and Pomme Frites on the right…delish!Oh Space Mountain how I’ve missed you! I’ve forgotten how fast it was!You can’t visit Disneyland and not ride on their signature attractions. Hi Mr. Toad! Thanks Tracy for ditching work with me and celebrating my birthday! Hugs!

Jonathan Michael Montalvo Baptism | Los Angeles County Photographer

Oh how embarrassing! I’ve been neglecting my blogging duties for way too long and this post is just an example of that. So let’s get started with the first baptism that I shot for a dear friend of mine, Vanessa. You can learn more about Vanessa and our shoot together here.

Jonathan is Vanessa’s second nephew and also her second godchild. I was honored to have shot this baptism for such a sweet child and for a dear friend. I have never attended a baptism before so this was all very new to me as well. We were surrounded by the Montalvo’s family, relatives and church friends and everyone seemed very excited to see this beautiful baby boy being baptized.

Look at that suit! Isn’t Jonathan handsome? He was also wearing baby Converses!

I don’t think Jonathan knew what to do…if he should start crying because we left him to sit on the lap of this strange statue or if he it was too hot for him to wear the jacket. 😛 It seemed like Jonathan really enjoyed the water over his head.