1.23.12 | ONE Year Anniversary!

Whew! Has it been one year already? I can’t believe how 2011 flew past me literally in a blink of an eye. I remember just one year ago when I came home from work and immediately sat down at my desk to reach out to other photographers who were pursuing the same dream that I had. You can read more of the beginning of my photography career here.

Meeting Sheila of Arkeeology Photography was an extremely important turning point in my life. Sheila gave me the encouragement and the confidence to really explore and pursue photography as a career. I feel so lucky to have met this amazing woman who not only became my friend but also my peer! You see, she invited me to be an assistant photographer for a July wedding after only hanging out for a couple of hours! How is that for trust, encouragement and support?

My next major milestone in my career as a photographer would have to be the first wedding I shot for Berny & Walter in May of 2011. I am so thankful and honored that Berny and Walter, collectively known as “the WB”, trusted me to capture their most important day of their lives! Of course, I was extremely nervous and anxious. This was my first wedding and I really had no prior experience. I didn’t know how to use a flash and I didn’t know what went on in a wedding. If I were honest, I’d tell you that I went in completely “blind” and I told myself that I would get the job done and shoot the best that I could with the knowledge that I had gained within those few short months. It also helped that “the WB” chose such a fantastic venue and had chosen beautiful decor for their reception!

After the month of May everything started moving fast forward! I started to connect with more photographers who have since become my network of trusted friends and photographers. I second shot over a dozen weddings and assisted on a handful of them. I assisted on an Indian wedding for David Tosti of Tosti Studios in Long Beach, which by the way was an amazing experience! Indian weddings…I should shoot more of them!

In the middle of all that I also took a trip to Spain with my dear friend Vanessa for 9 days! I had never wanted to visit Spain, but after I did, all I want to do is go back! The food was absolutely amazing, the architecture was so whimsical and the gorgeous people of Spain is incomparable! I absolutely loved my trip and bonding with my buddy, Vanessa! Oh the cafe…how I miss the cafe con leche and the Jamon Iberico!

To close out the year of 2011 with a bang I flew to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to second shoot a New Year’s Eve wedding with Karlo Gesner. What an unbelievable experience it was to meet Karlo and to shoot the wedding of Kelly and Josh Hummel. Thank you Karlo for trusting in me and giving me the creative freedom to shoot from my perspective.

What will 2012 have in store for me? I’m not quite sure, but I hope I continue to meet and work with wonderful people and continue to grow as an individual and as a photographer. Thank you to all the people that have come into my life this past year and for your support and encouragement!