Domo Gang | Bakersfield Photographer

So I really got put to work this Thanksgiving! Besides having to prepare and cook Thanksgiving dinner my sister also had me do a Christmas shoot for her Christmas cards! Oy vey! But how can I resist shooting my favorite subjects, my nieces.

Although my girls were and still are against being photographed, I had to trick them into it by telling them that they can bring their favorite plush character on the shoot…DOMO!

I love pampering my girls every time I visit. I usually give them manicures and mini makeovers whenever I visit. What can I say? I love fashion!

First up…Julienne.

Second is Jordan who is 13. Third up is Jenna who is 12 and the baby. Although she hates being called a “baby”. But look at the Domo…it is a baby! 😛
I just happened to come across this gorgeous setting as the girls and I rode our bikes to the park earlier that day.Why can’t they remain babies? 😛 I ask them that all the time and they just look at me and say “Oh Auntie…” and shake their heads. Lol.

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