Closing out 2011 in Pennsylvania!

After getting back home from a few days in Bakersfield during Christmas, I flew out the next day to spend the last week of December on the East Coast! I’ve never been on the East Coast during the December, much less during winter! As a So Cal native, I wasn’t prepared for how cold it could get…

The only thing that I purchased for the trip was this down jacket by Nike (find it here). I should have purchased thicker pants and UGGs. The jacket kept me warm enough, but when the wind kicked up and was blasting against me….YIKES! My poor legs. I only wore skinny jeans and those were as thin as tissue paper! Thankfully the weather was pretty nice during the week except for two days, the day after I arrived and the day I departed. Brrrrr!

It was also my first time I experienced snow! I mean real snow falling from above and not that man-made crap at Big Bear or Mountain High!

But my trip back East wasn’t just for relaxing, I also had a job to do! More about that coming up!

P.S. Yes, that was a horse and buggy behind me. I was in Amish Country after all. Plus, the store behind me is an Amish store and had generators to power the electricity!

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