UCLA Dermatology Dept Christmas Celebration | Assistant Photographer Victor Garcia

OMG!! UCLA!!! Living in Southern California my entire life, I never made an effort to visit the UCLA campus. I’m so thankful that Victor asked me to come out to assist on this event so that I could finally see what a beautiful campus it really is. The party took place at Covel Commons on the third floor. I didn’t take the elevator because I wanted to walk up the round stair care! I don’t know what it is about round stair cases that fascinates me. I guess because linear ones are so common that when there’s a round/spiral one, I just get all giddy.

We had an open bar for the entire celebration! Thank you UCLA!It was an awesome night hanging out with the UCLA students and faculty and VLS Mobile Entertainment! 

J + M Wedding | Assistant Photographer for Brent Stanley

A rainy day for a wedding…one would consider it a disastrous day right? Not for this couple! Jessica and Mike took the weather situation very well. Although it did rain the entire day and even into the night, Jessica and Mike were just ecstatic to be married and to enjoy their day with their family and friends. Thank you Brent for having me assist for this wedding.

Mmmm….who could resist M&Ms? I loved that the ceiling had tulle and lights that were strung from beam to beam. Although the ceremony was supposed to take place outside, the staff at the club house quickly set up the ceremony indoors in the reception area. While Brent was out in the drizzling rain capturing the first look, I was indoors capturing the bridal party’s reaction to the first look.We took Jessica and Mike to the garage for some formal portraits. It’s a bit out of the ordinary, but we felt that it was unique to their wedding since their wedding was at a country club. I don’t know about you, but I’m digging it. It was so cool that Mike gave Jessica a little lap dance before reaching for the garter! Awesome Mike!! He gave all of us a laugh.

M + E Wedding | Assistant Photographer for Victor Garcia

On my birthday, I had the opportunity to second shoot for Victor again for the sweetest couple, Marisol and Enrique. To say that this couple was the epitome of calm, cool and collected would be an understatement. Neither Marisol or Enrique was anxious or nervous for the ceremony. Both families were so inviting and so appreciative for us being there to capture their day.

What better way to start off the day than to have a glass of bubbly with your family?

I placed the rings on the frame of this gorgeous Marilyn Monroe portrait! I know!! Why didn’t I take a picture of the entire portrait? The bubbly is poured, now comes the speeches and the tears! 😛 The church in Glendale was gorgeous! Look at the wood beams and the light fixtures? It’s got a rustic charm about it. As a photographer light is key so having all the lights on was a dream come true! 

Craig Park | Brea Photographer

Shooting for my own enjoyment is so different than shooting a wedding or portraits. I don’t have the pressure of performing and having to get “that shot”. I just shoot because I want to and because what is right in front of me is beautiful. I picked up a new lens to experiment with and went to the near by park to see what this lens can do for me and my future gigs.

In the late afternoon the sun was just setting and the golden light filled the park. It’s really amazing how the golden light makes everything it touches seems that much more saturated in color.