Andrei’s Conscious Cuisine | Irvine

What better way to end a full day of work on a Monday than to have happy hour ? I can’t think of any better way. 😛 Andrei’s is a fantastic restaurant with wonderful modern architecture and decor with exceptional food to match! My favorite drink is called the “Geisha Drop” which is a martini but has such a fruity flavor that I could hardly taste the alcohol. Dangerous! By the last sip I was completely red in the face. Their happy hour appetizers are to die as well which included their short rib sliders and homemade veggie chips with wasabi cream dipping sauce, an adult version of grilled cheese sandwich and a bbq chicken flat bread. But how can we leave this amazing lounge area without having dessert? Of course we got the chocolate sampler. 😛 I polished off the chocolate pot de creme…delish!! Heaven was in that cup and it was the pot de creme.

Well after all that food we had to walk it off right? Er…more like work it off. I made Wilma be my model while I ran around her trying to adjust my lighting as I tested out my new toy…Pocket Wizards! It was freezing and windy that Monday night, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by the serenity in Wilma’s face. Thanks girl!!



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