Now offering exquisite albums!

Eek! I’m so excited to announce that I’m now carrying albums. The thought of carrying such an important product and the time it takes to design an album was nerve racking. However, I got over the gitters and just stepped into the designing process. I mean, I’m a graphic designer by trade, I should be good at this. This is my area of expertise….

So selecting the materials and the paper was actually the easy part. I knew the materials I wanted to represent my studio and the paper the images would be printed on. I chose a matte fine art paper and chose a textured black leatherette cover called “Prada Black”, which is perfect since I love Prada shoes! 😛 This is the clamshell box made of the same “Prada Black” material as the album.

The 10×10 album sits comfortably in the clamshell box and makes for a stunning presentation. As an option, the cover can have a window with a picture if someone desires that type of look. However, I like things very clean and simple so I chose to have a cover that just shows off the material.This album is very sturdy and very heavy. Just look at those thick pages. I also adore the simple straight back spine. It’s so clean and modern.
Ahh the lay flat pages. The album pages lays completely flat and has a very minimal gutter width between the two pages.I’m so proud of my first album and cannot wait to bring it to future client meetings and wow them!

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