Renaissance Club Sport Hotel • Fitness • Spa | Aliso Viejo

This past weekend I was able to assist Brian Carter of Pixel That! Photography. Everyone was getting ready at the Renaissance Club Sport Hotel in Aliso Viejo. I’ve never heard of this place before so I was a bit curious. Walking through the front door of the hotel I knew this place would be special. The decor was completely MY style! It is modern, edgy, masculine with strong linear patterns and lines, but is softened with bright punches of color. Just check out these images I captured on my trusty iPhone.

Look at that texture and crisp lines! Then the curved wooden slats in a dark mahogany…scrumpdeeliumptious! Ok I just made up that word.

Gosh I want that tortoise shell lantern for my side tables. I love the juxtaposition of the glass and wood. Isn’t the carpet fun? I mean it’s whimsical and the colors are so punchy! Definitely FUN! Oh the desk….the front desk….I want something like that for my home!I can’t wait for another couple to get ready in this hotel. OH please someone stay here! 

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