The Ritz Restaurant | Newport Beach

Orange County Restaurant week is a must for all foodies. My love for food has lead me to try many restaurants throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. For this year’s OC restaurant week Vanessa and I thought The Ritz in Newport Beach was the one for us!

While on their website I decided to look through their regular dinner menu and came across the most unique appetizer dish “Escargots en Croute”. Don’t ask me what it means, but the appetizer had me at “escargots”. It is described as “Baked in individual Crocks under a flaky Puff-pastry Crust with Walnuts, Parsley, Lemon Juice, Garlic & Red Wine”.

Oh yeah, did I also mention that the prix fixe menu also came with Lobster bisque and yet I still had to order the Escargots en Croute? 😛 Yeah, I’m a little piggy, I proudly admit that.

The entree was 8 oz sirloin that was tender and juicy and cooked to perfection! A+ they really do know how to cook their steaks. It also came with a free dish of creamed corn that was broiled to a crisp on top…delish! Don’t let the picture of the sirloin fool you. That slab of meat was bigger than it looks here.

The trio of desserts was good, but I’ve had better elsewhere. The trio consisted of raspberry creme brulee, key lime tart and chocolate cake. It was a good sampler though.

The service was impeccable. You cannot complain when your waitress serves you in a tux! The prix fixe menu also came with a free glass of wine, which was a plus and completely appreciated. The Ritz also had live music and the band played beautifully. I enjoyed my time there and would definitely visit again for a special occasion.

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