Go Titans! | Fullerton

Ah to revisit my old alma mater. It’s been years, at least a decade since I have stepped foot on CSUF. I live in the area and I saw the changes that took place with the construction of new parking structures, new buildings, etc, but I never felt the need to revisit. Until one day as I was driving north on State College I saw what seemed to be a perfect urban shoot location. So towards sunset I went back and walked around campus and discovered amazing lines, colors, patterns, textures, light….all the ingredients that make up a great shoot location! I mean, just check these out.

Chapter One Gastropub | Santa Ana

It’s Friday and what better way to celebrate than to have lunch in downtown Santa Ana at a gastropub! Chapter One is located on Broadway in downtown Santa Ana and offers such unique plates! You must check out their menu when you go because the menu that you find online is very limited. Of course their Moscow Mule is famous, but since it’s in the middle of the afternoon I thought I should stick to a non-alcoholic drink. πŸ˜›

Anyway, I thought that I knew what I wanted when I looked at the menu which was a sweet potato waffle sandwich, but when our waitress told me the special burger of the day….HELLOOO! Foie gras burger with duck fat fries! Um…yes please! I’ve been to Slater 50/50 in Anaheim Hills and had their Thanksgiving burger which was good. I’ve also been to G Burger in La Habra and had their Truffle burger and was another good burger. But Chapter One….that’s where the burger is! MMMM….my Foie gras burger was absolutely divine. Of course it was accompanied with fries cooked in duck fat! πŸ˜› Here are some shots of the food and the decor! Enjoy…I sure did.