Green Bliss Cafe @ Downtown Fullerton

This is such a treat for me to introduce Green Bliss Cafe in the heart of Downtown Fullerton! It’s green, organic, modern and has an understated elegance. It is light, bright and airy and everyone here is very warm and friendly. I never drink straight black coffee, but when I was offered to taste the fresh brew I was blown away. It wasn’t bitter or burnt like Starbucks! I actually didn’t have to sweeten it or add any cream. The coffee is definitely the star here!

I really love what Rita Ho, owner of Green Bliss Cafe, did with the space. Her love for organic, natural, eco-friendly products are displayed beautifully on the shelves. I love that pops of color such as the turquoise glass chandelier and the lime green seating against the dark wood tables.Not only does Rita provide delicious organic coffee and pastries, but she also has eco-friendly products and eco-books available!I just adore these hand illustrated cards on natural kraft card stock with brightly colored matching envelopes.“Garden Bon Bons”….yeah…I almost picked it up and tried to eat it. **chocoholic**And here is the adorable and sweet Rita Ho. She was definitely a joy to work with! She is someone that all of us photographers dream of working with! Laid back, sweet, friendly, trusting and very personable! You’re a doll Rita! My love for coffee is not just a “love”, but an addiction. I must, I repeat, MUST drink one cup a day. My day doesn’t start until I have my first cup. Coffee makes me happy. Coffee can cheer me up from a bad day! Coffee can cure my headaches! Yes, it’s true! It’s cured many a headaches for me in the past. 😛MMMM, just look at that froth! One mug for me please!The baristas here are very experienced and they know how to make a fantastic cup of coffee without the need for any sugar or cream! Now that is what I call a BARISTA!