Cleopatra: The Exhibition @ California Science Center | Los Angeles

I’m so excited to share with you the Cleopatra Exhibit at the California Science Center in Los Angeles. I must thank Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf because if it were not for the barista making my cup of latte and slipping on that sleeve with the announcement of the Cleopatra exhibit I would never have known it was here! I have always been fascinated with Ancient Egypt and Greek Mythology! When I was in London, I made a stop at the British Museum and saw all the mummies they had displayed. I also had the chance to see the King Tut exhibit which was awe inspiring as well. Now I can see all the glory of Cleopatra’s reign, who was one of the most powerful and intelligent women in Ancient History.

I booked the earliest possible showing to try and avoid the crowds and long lines so that I could get my photo on. 😛 Well, I had to show all of you, who couldn’t make it, the treasures of her reign right? Anyway, the crowds were definitely light and there was still enough room to enjoy each piece of art. Upon entering the exhibit we sat in a media room where a short film and history of Cleopatra was played. The film ended and the projector screen lifted up to reveal a dark room with a silhouette of a statue. The the carefully orchestrated lighting turned on to reveal this gorgeous statue below!

The curators of the exhibit did an amazing job. All the objects, statues, relics, jewelry, etc were found underwater. Cleopatra’s beloved city was hit by natural disasters such as floods and tidal waves which sunk the beautiful city. The curators set up the exhibit to exude the feeling of an underwater dig. Images of underwater excavations were enlarged and hung up on walls, the lighting was dim and there were a couple of tactile exhibit for kids to play with to illustrate how sand was sifted and how sand is affected by currents.

Here are some of the images from Cleopatra’s exhibit.

These two statues were over 12′ tall!Ah the jewelry! Such exquisite works of art! These were said to be the two perfectly intact sphinxes found on the excavation. The image on the right is the head of Cesarian, Cleopatra and Cesar’s first son.Coins with Cleopatra’s profile.This was a small, but fantastic exhibit. I definitely suggest checking it out. The Natural History Museum is also nearby and so are the Coliseum and Rose Garden. 🙂