Li Family | Seattle

My first destination shoot of 2013! I wanted to visit Seattle for a very long time and now I had the chance! Cindy and James have been long time friends with my sister. When I heard that they were visiting from England and that they wanted to have a shoot with their son Rykin, I jumped at the chance. I mean who can say no to a destination shoot? Really? 😛

The trip was pretty gloomy most of the days, but today was an exception. The sky was blue and sunny, the air was crisp and clean. We definitely wanted to take advantage of the good weather so we started at the infamous Pike Place Market.

KKCS_Li_Family_Pike_Place_Seattle_02 I just love their outfits don’t you? KKCS_Li_Family_Pike_Place_Seattle_03 Ah, Rykin was just a joy to photograph. Not fussy at all. He was quite relaxed. Perhaps he was just in awe of his new surroundings and new people. 😛 KKCS_Li_Family_Pike_Place_Seattle_04 KKCS_Li_Family_Pike_Place_Seattle_05 KKCS_Li_Family_Pike_Place_Seattle_06 KKCS_Li_Family_Pike_Place_Seattle_09 This is one of my favorites images of the day. A quiet moment between father and son. I just love these fleeting moments that I can capture when the subjects aren’t looking.
KKCS_Li_Family_Pike_Place_Seattle_10 KKCS_Li_Family_Pike_Place_Seattle_11 KKCS_Li_Family_Pike_Place_Seattle_13

Bailey + Andy Wedding | Queen Mary, Long Beach

Another epic wedding with Wai Reyes photography! Bailey and Andy live in New York; Bailey a ballerina and Andy a musician for the U.S. marines. They wanted to have a destination wedding…something vintage. What better venue than the Queen Mary?! I adore this couple and this wedding so much!

Oh, and by the way, their wedding was on 12/29/12! Definitely a fantastic way to end 2012.

kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_01 Everything vintage. I love Bailey’s style. Her dress, her cape that was hand made by her aunt, her jewelry…she was breathtaking. kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_02 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_03 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_04 These two are so beautiful together. Not only are they beautiful on the outside, but so sweet and caring on the inside. I am so lucky to always work with incredible people. kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_11 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_10 It had rained earlier that morning and was quite chilly and gloomy. However, when it was time for the first look, the sun peeked through the clouds and cast such a beautiful golden light on the wedding day! kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_09 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_08 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_07 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_06 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_05 The talented Halleigh of Moment Privé put together this beautiful wedding.kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_18 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_17 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_16 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_15 Golden light…I’m telling ya. Kills me every time. ADORE! kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_14 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_13 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_12 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_25 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_24 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_23 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_22 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_21 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_20 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_19

Adrian + Michael Wedding | West Hollywood

The most modern wedding of the entire year! Adrian and Michael have a distinctive style and I love it! Simple, modern, clean….right up my alley! Thank you to Sherri J photography for having me as an associate photographer for this one of a kind wedding!

We started out in West Hollywood at the beautiful Andaz Hotel. Like I said, I love Adrian and Michael’s modern style and this was the most perfect venue they could have chosen!

kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_01 Love how Adrian and Michael decided to get ready together. I think it’s so special. kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_02 kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_03 Adrian’s gorgeous niece! Future supermodel? I think so. kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_04 kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_05 kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_06 kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_07 kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_08 kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_09 kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_10 kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_11 kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_12 kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_13 kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_14 kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_15 kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_16

China + Chris Wedding | Orcutt Ranch

A beautiful May wedding at Orcutt Ranch in West Hills. I had an incredible time photographing this wedding. The beautiful rustic venue and the fun and bright details were a joy to capture. I have to thank Eric of Eric So photography for having me as an associate photographer. 🙂

We met China and her bridesmaids at the Marriott Warner Center in Woodland Hills where she and her bridesmaids prepped for the day.
kkcs_china_chris_orcutt_ranch_02 kkcs_china_chris_orcutt_ranch_03 kkcs_china_chris_orcutt_ranch_04kkcs_china_chris_orcutt_ranch_05kkcs_china_chris_orcutt_ranch_06 kkcs_china_chris_orcutt_ranch_07 kkcs_china_chris_orcutt_ranch_09 kkcs_china_chris_orcutt_ranch_10 kkcs_china_chris_orcutt_ranch_11 kkcs_china_chris_orcutt_ranch_12 kkcs_china_chris_orcutt_ranch_13 kkcs_china_chris_orcutt_ranch_20 kkcs_china_chris_orcutt_ranch_19 I just adore all the personal touches China and Chris put into this wedding. The ranch had a library where the wedding cake and cupcakes were displayed. They was such a wonderful idea! As you walk in the room, the couple had displayed some of the books they brought from home as well as some photographs. kkcs_china_chris_orcutt_ranch_18 kkcs_china_chris_orcutt_ranch_17 kkcs_china_chris_orcutt_ranch_16 kkcs_china_chris_orcutt_ranch_15 kkcs_china_chris_orcutt_ranch_14 I’ve never seen a navy linen jacket on groomsmen before, but this was spectacular! Such a wonderful color scheme. Although it was a hot May wedding, I think it worked beautifully.kkcs_china_chris_orcutt_ranch_21 kkcs_china_chris_orcutt_ranch_22 kkcs_china_chris_orcutt_ranch_23 kkcs_china_chris_orcutt_ranch_24 kkcs_china_chris_orcutt_ranch_25 kkcs_china_chris_orcutt_ranch_26 Ah, the couple that loves In-N-Out, also wins my heart! 😛 kkcs_china_chris_orcutt_ranch_27 kkcs_china_chris_orcutt_ranch_28 kkcs_china_chris_orcutt_ranch_29 kkcs_china_chris_orcutt_ranch_31

Lizz + Davis Wedding | Newport Coast

Here’s another O.M.G moment! This extra special wedding is something that I have never captured before….a brunch wedding! Yes folks, you can have a brunch wedding…why not? Who doesn’t love a good brunch? I must give a huge shout out to one of my favorite photographers that I’ve worked with, Wai Reyes of Wai Reyes Photography. Without Wai, I would have never experienced this amazing wedding nor captured such delicious details! Huge props to Halleigh of Moment Privé who did such an incredible, INCREDIBLE, job at styling the entire wedding!

Lizz, or Lizzie, as her family calls her was such a joy to work with. She is the sweestest and cutest ginger bride I’ve ever photographed! I absolutely loved working with her! kkcs_lizzie_davis_canyon_club_newport_coast_01 kkcs_lizzie_davis_canyon_club_newport_coast_02 Lizz got prepped and pampered at the gorgeous Marriott Hotel in Newport Coast overlooking the OCEAN! Ugh, I would love to have my honeymoon in this suite! Actually, these aren’t hotel rooms, they are villas!kkcs_lizzie_davis_canyon_club_newport_coast_03 kkcs_lizzie_davis_canyon_club_newport_coast_04 kkcs_lizzie_davis_canyon_club_newport_coast_05 For the first look, we drove a short distance to a secluded park way up in the Crystal Heights residential area. The day started out chilly and gloomy, but when it was time for the first look, the clouds parted and beautiful, soft light appeared! Needless to say it’s a photographer’s dream. 🙂
kkcs_lizzie_davis_canyon_club_newport_coast_06 kkcs_lizzie_davis_canyon_club_newport_coast_07 I absolutely adore Lizz’s vivacious personality! That fiery red hair does say a lot doesn’t it? kkcs_lizzie_davis_canyon_club_newport_coast_08 Ah, the details that Halleigh put together for the wedding….AHHHHMAZING!!! kkcs_lizzie_davis_canyon_club_newport_coast_09 kkcs_lizzie_davis_canyon_club_newport_coast_10 kkcs_lizzie_davis_canyon_club_newport_coast_11 kkcs_lizzie_davis_canyon_club_newport_coast_12 kkcs_lizzie_davis_canyon_club_newport_coast_13 kkcs_lizzie_davis_canyon_club_newport_coast_14 kkcs_lizzie_davis_canyon_club_newport_coast_15 Folks, this was a morning November wedding…look at that light. Only in SoCal…..kkcs_lizzie_davis_canyon_club_newport_coast_16 kkcs_lizzie_davis_canyon_club_newport_coast_17 kkcs_lizzie_davis_canyon_club_newport_coast_18 I love a bride who isn’t afraid of getting her dress slightly dirty for AHHHHMAZING portraits! Brides, don’t be afraid of your dress getting dirty, you will love the images to come! kkcs_lizzie_davis_canyon_club_newport_coast_19