Seattle 2013 | Part 1

Seattle has been a destination that I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. When I was asked if I would shoot a family session in Seattle in February I jumped at the chance to shoot a destination family session (click here to view the Li family session) and take a little R&R in the beautiful green city of Seattle.

I arrived in Seattle at 10 am and the city was pretty much covered in thick fog. Coming from Southern California, I was surprised at how little visibility there was. It was a welcome change though. The cool, crisp weather was invigorating!


I was pretty surprised at how every surface was covered in teeny, tiny flora. It really was a unique sight.

kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_2 kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_3 kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_4 kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_5

When people say that Seattle is one of the wettest places in the country, they weren’t kidding! Moss, dew drops, green….I was definitely not in Southern California.

kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_6 kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_7 kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_8

The moss is really, really thick! As thick as carpet. Actually, I would say everything was carpeted in moss.



Snoqualmie Falls is such a unique sight. It was my first time at a “falls” and I was surprised at how wet and misty it was. The falls were mighty strong and powerful to create a haze of mist. Stay tuned for part 2 of my Seattle adventure.