Adrian + Michael Wedding | West Hollywood

The most modern wedding of the entire year! Adrian and Michael have a distinctive style and I love it! Simple, modern, clean….right up my alley! Thank you to Sherri J photography for having me as an associate photographer for this one of a kind wedding!

We started out in West Hollywood at the beautiful Andaz Hotel. Like I said, I love Adrian and Michael’s modern style and this was the most perfect venue they could have chosen!

kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_01 Love how Adrian and Michael decided to get ready together. I think it’s so special. kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_02 kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_03 Adrian’s gorgeous niece! Future supermodel? I think so. kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_04 kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_05 kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_06 kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_07 kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_08 kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_09 kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_10 kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_11 kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_12 kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_13 kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_14 kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_15 kkcs_adrian_michael_andaz_wedding_16

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