Emmaline’s Cake Smash | Craig Park, Brea

Sweet Emmaline….you are now 1 year old. How time flies. I remember shooting sweet Emmaline shortly before Christmas at the Fullerton Arboretum at CSU Fullerton when she was just several months old! What a tiny thing she was….and even before that when she was in Christina’s tummy! You can view the Elmore’s maternity session here, and their Christmas holiday session here.

Emmaline’s mama, Christina, and papa, Chris, did such a fabulous job planning and decorating for the entire party! We were able to use the cake from the birthday party for the cake smash portrait the next day! Christina also brought along the sweet pink baby piano that Emmaline’s relative gave to her and tutus that her friend had made. I seriously enjoyed the portrait session! I think it’s more relaxing for both the birthday girl and the parents to do a separate shoot the next day! So…call me when your child turns one! I’ll be there to capture your child’s cake smash!

emmaline_cake_smash_craig_park_brea_1 emmaline_cake_smash_craig_park_brea_2 emmaline_cake_smash_craig_park_brea_3 emmaline_cake_smash_craig_park_brea_4 emmaline_cake_smash_craig_park_brea_5 emmaline_cake_smash_craig_park_brea_6 emmaline_cake_smash_craig_park_brea_7 emmaline_cake_smash_craig_park_brea_8 emmaline_cake_smash_craig_park_brea_9 emmaline_cake_smash_craig_park_brea_10



Seattle 2013 | Part 3

Happy Mother’s Day to all the fabulous and beautiful mothers out there! Thank you for raising us to be the wonderful, successful individuals that we are! XO

A las here is the conclusion to my Seattle 2013 three part series (see part 1 and part 2). I saved the best for last! During my stay in Seattle, I stayed at the Edgewater Hotel in downtown Seattle. The Edgewater is located right on the water! It’s such a romantic and amazing location. Although the decor is a bit outdated, I felt that it gave a very cozy and comfortable feeling. In fact, all I wanted to do was stay in my suite the entire day enjoying my waterfront view, the cozy fireplace, and the claw foot tub! 😛 Falling asleep to the sound of the water and waking up to the crisp, cool Puget Sound air was an incredible feeling.

This is the view from my waterfront suite! Eek!!! Isn’t it glorious?


Here are some interior shots of the suite.

kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_20 kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_21 kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_22

Of course, I couldn’t lock myself away in the suite the entire trip! Off to explore more of Seattle.

kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_23 kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_24

My last day in Seattle I had to see the mountains and the snow. The drive up was magnificent. Truly breathtaking.

kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_25 kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_26

One day I hope to return and be able to enjoy the snow. Perhaps snowboard or build a snow man. 😛


Seattle 2013 | Part 2

Hi again! As promised here is part two of my Seattle trip earlier this year (click here for part 1). I am excited to share with you “Seattle Center“, which consists of the Pacific Science Center, KeyArena, Space Needle with a 360 degree view of Pugent Sound, Monorail which is elevated and takes you into downtown. Oh, I almost forgot…the EMP Museum, which is the coolest building in Seattle!

I have part 3 coming up next week! Stay tuned!

kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_12 kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_13 kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_14 kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_15 kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_16 kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_18 kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_17