Ms. Amanda | Fullerton Boudoir Photographer

Be prepared for this 3 part boudoir photography extravaganza! Ms. Amanda is utterly fabulous! So comfortable in front of the camera and I especially love her smile. I was introduced to Amanda by her cousin, Vanessa, who is also in this boudoir photography extravaganza.

We had planned to shoot in Vanessa’s grandma’s home, but at the last moment I threw the girls a curve ball and pitched another idea….an outdoor boudoir shoot at my old alma mater, CSU Fullerton! The girls, were tentative at first, but once I told them that school is out and no one would be at school on a Sunday, they were totally game.

On to the images! Uh….HELLOOO….Amanda, you’re just stunning! She’s definitely got that look of a super star right? Well, little did you know that Amanda is a country singer! Yup!! She lived in Nashville for a bit too. How cool is that?

KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_1 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_2 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_3 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_4 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_5

A country singer needs a pair of boots and a guitar right? We just had to incorporate her baby taylor into the boudoir shoot as well as her fantastic cowboy boots!

KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_6 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_7 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_8 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_9 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_10 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_11

Just FAB!! Thank you Amanda for being so amazing. 😀



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