Ms. Vanessa | Fullerton Boudoir Photographer

Back for part 2? I knew you would. 😀

Ms. Vanessa is Amanda’s cousin and you can see Amanda’s boudoir session by clicking here. Ms. Vanessa is an exotic beauty. Half Dominican and half Caucasian, and hailing in at 5′ 7″ without heels! Vanessa has got quite a knack at knowing how to angle herself to take full advantage of her extremely long legs! She knows how to work the camera and I must say she gives quite the sultry look.

Check out these images!


Vanessa has the most perfect skin! I’m so envious.

KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_2 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_3 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_4 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_5 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_6 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_7 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_8

She’s got dark brown eyes that just sparkle. Love it. 😀


Vanessa is so tall! With 5″ heels on she’s just under 6′ tall. I’m 5′ 1″….do the math.

KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_10 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_11 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_12 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_13 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_14 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_15 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_16

Thank you Vanessa for being so amazing!


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