Sienna’s Cake Smash // Manhattan Beach Photographer

Sienna turned ONE! I can’t tell you how much I adore this little girl. The very first day I met her was September 2012 at Neighborhood Grinds in Redondo Beach. Her mama, Yuka, and I were meeting to discuss coverage for her 4 month old baptism at American Martyrs Catholic Church. Sienna was so friendly and adorable. She wasn’t fussy, she didn’t cry and she even let me hold her during the entire meeting!

When Yuka contacted me about documenting Sienna’s first birthday party of course I said “YES!” ๐Ÿ˜€ How can I say no to this adorable girl?

The party took place on a gorgeous afternoon at Polliwog Park in Manhattan Beach. Yuka was able to book the “Rose Garden Gazebo”, which was absolutely perfect. It was in a little corner of the park away from the crowds and had a very large grassy area for all of Sienna’s baby friends to roam around. Yuka did an INCREDIBLE job decorating the gazebo! Wait until you see all of her handy-work! Yuka is so talented. She spent a lot of time creating all the little elements to make Sienna’s birthday so special.

Yuka made the cookies, the cupcakes, the initial wood board, the goodie bags, the pom poms, EVERYTHING!

KKCS_Sienna_Cake_Smash_Manhattan_Beach_Polliwog_Park_1 KKCS_Sienna_Cake_Smash_Manhattan_Beach_Polliwog_Park_2 KKCS_Sienna_Cake_Smash_Manhattan_Beach_Polliwog_Park_3 KKCS_Sienna_Cake_Smash_Manhattan_Beach_Polliwog_Park_4 KKCS_Sienna_Cake_Smash_Manhattan_Beach_Polliwog_Park_5

Sienna is half Cuban and half Japanese, and to celebrate her dual heritage, Yuka thought it would be great to incorporate Porto’s Bakeryย into the menu!

KKCS_Sienna_Cake_Smash_Manhattan_Beach_Polliwog_Park_6 KKCS_Sienna_Cake_Smash_Manhattan_Beach_Polliwog_Park_7 KKCS_Sienna_Cake_Smash_Manhattan_Beach_Polliwog_Park_8 KKCS_Sienna_Cake_Smash_Manhattan_Beach_Polliwog_Park_9 KKCS_Sienna_Cake_Smash_Manhattan_Beach_Polliwog_Park_10

Sienna had such a blast tasting her “cake smash” cake! She didn’t stop eating until her parents had to remove her from the cake! Haha.

KKCS_Sienna_Cake_Smash_Manhattan_Beach_Polliwog_Park_11 KKCS_Sienna_Cake_Smash_Manhattan_Beach_Polliwog_Park_12 KKCS_Sienna_Cake_Smash_Manhattan_Beach_Polliwog_Park_13 KKCS_Sienna_Cake_Smash_Manhattan_Beach_Polliwog_Park_14 KKCS_Sienna_Cake_Smash_Manhattan_Beach_Polliwog_Park_15

Happy First Birthday Sienna! I can’t wait to see you for our Second Birthday. ๐Ÿ˜€




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