Ethan’s Cake Smash | Van Nuys Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting Ethan when he was just a wee baby of 6 months old! Even at 6  months old he already charmed me with his infectious smile and happy disposition. I couldn’t wait to capture Ethan when he turned ONE!

The day finally came when I was going to capture Ethan’s Cake Smash! I was so excited to see how he had grown and what he looked like. Ethan still had that infectious smile and charming personality, plus more! This handsome boy just makes my heart melt when he smiles at me. 🙂

Ethan loves, loves, loves Mickey Mouse! So of course he had to have a Mickey Mouse birthday cake!

KKCS_Ethan_Cake_Smash_First_Birthday_Mickey_Mouse_Theme_Van_Nuys_1 KKCS_Ethan_Cake_Smash_First_Birthday_Mickey_Mouse_Theme_Van_Nuys_2 KKCS_Ethan_Cake_Smash_First_Birthday_Mickey_Mouse_Theme_Van_Nuys_3

I love the follow sequence! I have never captured a one year old go head first into his cake before! It was so cute and funny at the same time. Ethan sure did love his Mickey Mouse cake.

KKCS_Ethan_Cake_Smash_First_Birthday_Mickey_Mouse_Theme_Van_Nuys_4 KKCS_Ethan_Cake_Smash_First_Birthday_Mickey_Mouse_Theme_Van_Nuys_5 KKCS_Ethan_Cake_Smash_First_Birthday_Mickey_Mouse_Theme_Van_Nuys_6 KKCS_Ethan_Cake_Smash_First_Birthday_Mickey_Mouse_Theme_Van_Nuys_7

Happy Birthday Ethan!


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