Loara + Calvin Wedding | Catalina Island

A Catalina Wedding! O.M.G. I can’t believe how excited I was when I was asked to be an associate photographer for Dawn Topete of Reflections by Dawn photography. I have shot destination weddings before, but never a beach themed one, and especially not on an island! What an experience it was.

I packed up early that Saturday morning and drove to the Long Beach ferry terminal to board the Catalina Express. The short ride to Catalina was pleasant and a lot of passengers were visiting Catalina that weekend for the jazz festival. It was a busy weekend of tourists for Catalina locals that’s for sure!

Loara is such a sweet girl! I’ve actually met her and her entire family and relatives before that same summer, months earlier, at her cousin’s wedding. So it was a sweet surprise when we all got to be reacquainted again!

Loara did such a wonderful job with all the DIY touches! I especially love the color she chose for her wedding…orange! It’s such a bright and cheerful color and goes perfectly for a Catalina beach themed wedding.

Oh and did I mention that Dawn is Loara’s older sister? Yup! Dawn was shooting her baby sister’s wedding. How special is that?

I had an incredible time here! I will never forget the experience and the friendships I forged with Dawn’s family and relatives. 🙂

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