Angela + Alejandro | Los Angeles Wedding

O.M.G! I can’t tell you how AMAZING this wedding was to document! Such style, such class, such a gorgeous couple! This was a fantastic start to my 2013 wedding season! Much gratitude to Mariela Campbell Photography for having me as an associate photographer. Oh, by the way, this is going to be a massive post!

Angela and Alejandro met 3 years ago and from the very first day Alejandro knew that Angela was the ONE. As Angela’s father stated in his speech, Alejandro made his intentions clear. Then 3 years later, the beautiful couple are getting married in downtown Los Angeles at the incredible Oviatt Penthouse.

Alejandro and Angela got ready at the Los Angeles Athletic Club in downtown Los Angeles, just a hop, skip and a jump from the Oviatt. I love and adore this hotel! From the outside it looks very ordinary and unappealing. But once you get into the rooms…WOW. The rooms have been totally renovated with clean modern furnishings.


I highly recommend, no….order all grooms to buy a suit. Nothing looks better than a man in a suit with touches of personal style. Please don’t go the easy way and do the rent-a-tux. That doesn’t show off your personality or style at all.

Alejandro is a man after my own heart. He is also a graphic designer and knew exactly what I was looking for in terms of lighting, staging, shooting. LOVE!!

KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_2 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_3 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_4 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_5 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_6

I love that Alejandro and Angela both got tatoos of each other’s names on their ring finger! They got inked about two years before their wedding….Alejandro knew…he knew Angela was it. 🙂 Can you love this man even more? Oh by the way, Alejandro is over 6′ tall and has piercing blue eyes…drool!


As I said above, Alejandro is over 6’…I’m 5’1″. I had to stand on chairs, stools, benches in order to get the right perspective. LOL. Disadvantages of being short.

KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_8 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_9 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_10

Oh yes, I love a man that shoots Canon! Oh, FYI, Alejandro use to be a model! That’s right. No direction, no suggestions for posing needed! He knows his good angles.

KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_11 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_13

On to the Oviatt. It’s got so much history and architectural details. I never knew downtown L.A. had so much to offer.


As a graphic designer, artist, Alejandro commissioned Clinton Bopp to do a live painting of him and his new wife. What an incredible gift.

KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_16 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_17 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_18 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_19 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_20

Such a remarkable venue. A rooftop wedding is perfect for these two urbanites! I love their style so much mainly because it matches with my personal style as well.

KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_21 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_22 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_23 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_24 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_25 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_26

I love how in love Alejandro is with his new wife. His emotions flowed the entire day and he didn’t hold back a tear. Actually his over flowing of emotions made me tear up on many occasions too.

KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_27 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_28 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_29 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_30 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_31 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_32 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_33 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_34 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_35

Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. Saavedra!