Sneak Peek | Commercial Photo Shoot

I had the opportunity to work on a project shooting a new and exciting line of posture pillows for a new brand, “Sleep Yoga”. I worked with an amazing team made up of a make up artist, a model, and a video team and it all took place at the amazing FD Photo Studio in downtown Los Angeles in the flower district. I am so excited to show you the promotional images and video we collaborated on. Stay tuned, but for now, a picture of the beautiful model, Arion Graham and a self portrait (in the mirror).


Sunday Brunch Days

I have a love affair with brunch and I thought I would start a weekly post about all my favorite brunch spots I have experienced so far. Food is a huge passion of mine and I love to explore a new city or country through food. Today I had a chance to visit Baco Mercat with Faria of Faria Munmun Photography . The menu features “Western- and Eastern-Mediterranean influences, includes both small and big plates, and continually changes with the seasons. Our commitment is to bring you the best-quality ingredients and make them as tasty as possible.” Baco Mercat is located in the historic Old Bank district in downtown Los Angeles. I highly suggest Baco Mercat for any day, but especially Sundays. Let me know what your favorite restaurants are and where they are located.




New York | Day 1

Hello all! It’s been a very long time since I have last blogged. I still have a lot of weddings and lifestyle portraits that I need to blog, but before I do that I just wanted to let you know what I have been up to. Last week I was lucky enough to visit New York for a business trip. I haven’t been back to this amazing city for 7 years so I was pretty excited to see what has changed.

I arrived on St. Patrick’s Day, Monday with a plan in mind! The first thing I did after I dropped off my suitcase at the Radisson Martinique in Midtown Manhattan was to head straight to Shake Shack! Everyone who has eaten at this burger joint raves about it. I’m not much of a burger fan myself, but I thought I would give it a try!

It only took a 15 minute walk from the Radisson Martinique to Madison Square Park, which is where Shake Shack and the Flatiron Building is located. What is the Flatiron Building? It’s that triangular building you see below. I didn’t get a chance to see what the building housed, but I will be back next time to check it out.KKCS_NewYork_NewYork_Shake_Shack_Madison_Square_Park_Shroom_Burger_2 KKCS_NewYork_NewYork_Shake_Shack_Madison_Square_Park_Shroom_Burger_1

This is my burger! I ordered the “Shroom” burger with fries! It was definitely interesting. The breaded and fried mushroom was crispy on the outside and once you bit into it was oozing with a warm cheese sauce. The burger buns were definitely delightful as they were light and fluffy and quite tasty. Sort of like a Brioche bun! The fries were crispy but so unlike our Socal fries because our Socal fries are straight cut, while the east coast fries have a zig-zag shape.

KKCS_NewYork_NewYork_Shake_Shack_Madison_Square_Park_Shroom_Burger_3 KKCS_NewYork_NewYork_Shake_Shack_Madison_Square_Park_Shroom_Burger_4

The next destination on my “must hit” list was Boqueria also located in the Flatiron neighborhood. Why is it a “must hit”? I needed to see if the tapas were truly authentic like the tapas I have had in Spain. I must say that although it was pricey, it didn’t disappoint! I had “Bombas de la Barceloneta” and “Pintxos Marunos”! It was delish and boy was I full!!

Stay tuned for more as I have 3 more days of NYC to show you!

KKCS_NewYork_NewYork_Boqueria_Flatiron_Bombas_de_la_Barceloneta_Pintxos_Morunos_2 KKCS_NewYork_NewYork_Boqueria_Flatiron_Quesos_y_Embutidos_1



Angela + Alejandro | Los Angeles Wedding

O.M.G! I can’t tell you how AMAZING this wedding was to document! Such style, such class, such a gorgeous couple! This was a fantastic start to my 2013 wedding season! Much gratitude to Mariela Campbell Photography for having me as an associate photographer. Oh, by the way, this is going to be a massive post!

Angela and Alejandro met 3 years ago and from the very first day Alejandro knew that Angela was the ONE. As Angela’s father stated in his speech, Alejandro made his intentions clear. Then 3 years later, the beautiful couple are getting married in downtown Los Angeles at the incredible Oviatt Penthouse.

Alejandro and Angela got ready at the Los Angeles Athletic Club in downtown Los Angeles, just a hop, skip and a jump from the Oviatt. I love and adore this hotel! From the outside it looks very ordinary and unappealing. But once you get into the rooms…WOW. The rooms have been totally renovated with clean modern furnishings.


I highly recommend, no….order all grooms to buy a suit. Nothing looks better than a man in a suit with touches of personal style. Please don’t go the easy way and do the rent-a-tux. That doesn’t show off your personality or style at all.

Alejandro is a man after my own heart. He is also a graphic designer and knew exactly what I was looking for in terms of lighting, staging, shooting. LOVE!!

KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_2 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_3 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_4 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_5 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_6

I love that Alejandro and Angela both got tatoos of each other’s names on their ring finger! They got inked about two years before their wedding….Alejandro knew…he knew Angela was it. 🙂 Can you love this man even more? Oh by the way, Alejandro is over 6′ tall and has piercing blue eyes…drool!


As I said above, Alejandro is over 6’…I’m 5’1″. I had to stand on chairs, stools, benches in order to get the right perspective. LOL. Disadvantages of being short.

KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_8 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_9 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_10

Oh yes, I love a man that shoots Canon! Oh, FYI, Alejandro use to be a model! That’s right. No direction, no suggestions for posing needed! He knows his good angles.

KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_11 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_13

On to the Oviatt. It’s got so much history and architectural details. I never knew downtown L.A. had so much to offer.


As a graphic designer, artist, Alejandro commissioned Clinton Bopp to do a live painting of him and his new wife. What an incredible gift.

KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_16 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_17 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_18 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_19 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_20

Such a remarkable venue. A rooftop wedding is perfect for these two urbanites! I love their style so much mainly because it matches with my personal style as well.

KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_21 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_22 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_23 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_24 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_25 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_26

I love how in love Alejandro is with his new wife. His emotions flowed the entire day and he didn’t hold back a tear. Actually his over flowing of emotions made me tear up on many occasions too.

KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_27 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_28 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_29 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_30 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_31 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_32 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_33 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_34 KKCS_Angela_Alejandro_Wedding_The_Oviatt_Penthouse_Los_Angeles_35

Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. Saavedra!


Holly + Oscar | Long Beach Wedding Photographer

Another fun wedding shooting with Nolwen from Between Lenses and Roses! Thank you for having me as your associate photographer for this fun, care free wedding!

It was an extremely hot Friday afternoon in May when I documented Holly and Oscar Santos’ wedding in Long Beach. Although the weather was not ideal, Holly and Oscar were an absolute joy to photograph. We spent the entire day being silly and laughing. We were on time, which is always good! 😛

Holly and Oscar chose The Grand in Long Beach for their ceremony and reception. I adore The Grand because the outdoor space was beautiful. Can you believe that sky? It was seriously that blue when I captured it. 😛


Holly’s Jack Purcell chucks are such an awesome idea! Oscar and his groomsmen also wore Jack Purcell chucks. I love when a wedding party add special personal touches to their wedding.

Holly was so relaxed and carefree on her wedding day. I love it when a bride is enjoying her day and not worried about all the details. Holly was an absolute joy to work with!


On our way to the “First Look” at the Long Beach bluffs on Ocean Boulevard near the Long Beach Museum of Art. Holly gets a call from Oscar, “where are you?” 😛 Ok, so we were a little behind.

KKCS_Holly_Oscar_Wedding_Long_Beach_The_Grand_4 KKCS_Holly_Oscar_Wedding_Long_Beach_The_Grand_5

Holly and Oscar are so silly together. I adore their energy! Another great thing about them is that they are so appreciative of Nolwen and I and made sure that we had everything we needed. LOL. Such great people…

KKCS_Holly_Oscar_Wedding_Long_Beach_The_Grand_6 KKCS_Holly_Oscar_Wedding_Long_Beach_The_Grand_7

Isn’t the space great? You can really have a large party here and still have enough room to dance.

KKCS_Holly_Oscar_Wedding_Long_Beach_The_Grand_8 KKCS_Holly_Oscar_Wedding_Long_Beach_The_Grand_9 KKCS_Holly_Oscar_Wedding_Long_Beach_The_Grand_10 KKCS_Holly_Oscar_Wedding_Long_Beach_The_Grand_11 KKCS_Holly_Oscar_Wedding_Long_Beach_The_Grand_12 KKCS_Holly_Oscar_Wedding_Long_Beach_The_Grand_13 KKCS_Holly_Oscar_Wedding_Long_Beach_The_Grand_14

The newly married Mr. and Mrs. Santos getting into the photoboot for some crazy pics! I especially love this one with the whip. LOL. You show him, Holly!
KKCS_Holly_Oscar_Wedding_Long_Beach_The_Grand_15 KKCS_Holly_Oscar_Wedding_Long_Beach_The_Grand_16 KKCS_Holly_Oscar_Wedding_Long_Beach_The_Grand_17

Ah a toast to his new wife. I love a couple in love! I love my job. 🙂