Northridge Family Photographer

What an amazing family I had the honor of capturing a couple of weeks ago. 9 month old Jaiden is such a cutie and so full of energy. Jaiden and I bonded quickly as I got to play and hold him while his parents got ready for the day.

I love the outfit that Tenn picked up for Jaiden! The cute train conductor hat and the little booties were too adorable not to capture! Tenn and Avi have a gorgeous home. I’m really happy that they wanted to capture Jaiden getting ready at their home before heading over to St. John Eudes Catholic Church for the baptism.


Isn’t Jaiden’s nursery adorable? Avi told me that he and Tenn painted and stenciled the wall when they found out they were having a baby! Such a great idea!

KKCS_Jaiden_Baptism_St_John_Eudes_Catholic_Church_Chatsworth_02 KKCS_Jaiden_Baptism_St_John_Eudes_Catholic_Church_Chatsworth_03

I really love photographing families because I get to document the love between a parent and a child as you see here. It’s so heart warming! I love my job.

KKCS_Jaiden_Baptism_St_John_Eudes_Catholic_Church_Chatsworth_04 KKCS_Jaiden_Baptism_St_John_Eudes_Catholic_Church_Chatsworth_05 KKCS_Jaiden_Baptism_St_John_Eudes_Catholic_Church_Chatsworth_06

I was told that Jaiden doesn’t like to wear clothes. He prefers to be “free” so when Tenn and Avi started dressing Jaiden, he wasn’t very happy.

KKCS_Jaiden_Baptism_St_John_Eudes_Catholic_Church_Chatsworth_07 KKCS_Jaiden_Baptism_St_John_Eudes_Catholic_Church_Chatsworth_08 KKCS_Jaiden_Baptism_St_John_Eudes_Catholic_Church_Chatsworth_09 KKCS_Jaiden_Baptism_St_John_Eudes_Catholic_Church_Chatsworth_10

Isn’t Jaiden gorgeous? He’s so cute and lovable.

KKCS_Jaiden_Baptism_St_John_Eudes_Catholic_Church_Chatsworth_11 KKCS_Jaiden_Baptism_St_John_Eudes_Catholic_Church_Chatsworth_12

Jaiden did so well during the ceremony. He didn’t make one peep! Good job Jaiden! 😀

KKCS_Jaiden_Baptism_St_John_Eudes_Catholic_Church_Chatsworth_13 KKCS_Jaiden_Baptism_St_John_Eudes_Catholic_Church_Chatsworth_14 KKCS_Jaiden_Baptism_St_John_Eudes_Catholic_Church_Chatsworth_15

Thank you Tenn and Avi for inviting me into your home and your lives.


Jonathan Michael Montalvo Baptism | Los Angeles County Photographer

Oh how embarrassing! I’ve been neglecting my blogging duties for way too long and this post is just an example of that. So let’s get started with the first baptism that I shot for a dear friend of mine, Vanessa. You can learn more about Vanessa and our shoot together here.

Jonathan is Vanessa’s second nephew and also her second godchild. I was honored to have shot this baptism for such a sweet child and for a dear friend. I have never attended a baptism before so this was all very new to me as well. We were surrounded by the Montalvo’s family, relatives and church friends and everyone seemed very excited to see this beautiful baby boy being baptized.

Look at that suit! Isn’t Jonathan handsome? He was also wearing baby Converses!

I don’t think Jonathan knew what to do…if he should start crying because we left him to sit on the lap of this strange statue or if he it was too hot for him to wear the jacket. 😛 It seemed like Jonathan really enjoyed the water over his head.