Ms. Amanda + Ms. Vanessa | Fullerton Boudoir Photography

Last, but not least is part 3 of Amanda and Vanessa boudoir session. These two grew up together. They were taught how to play musical instruments, how to sing jazz, how to sing opera and more by their Grandma, Aileen. I had the pleasure of meeting their grandma as she watched us shoot these last moments of the boudoir session.

I just wanted to show the closeness of these two girls. They were separated for awhile when Amanda lived in Nashville to pursue her country music singing career.

I was ecstatic when I threw out this idea for their duo photoshoot! Check these out!

KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Water_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_1 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Water_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_2 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Water_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_3 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Water_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_4

This has got to be my favorite of the day! Ladies you are gorgeous and I’m happy to have met you both. 😀 XO!


Ms. Vanessa | Fullerton Boudoir Photographer

Back for part 2? I knew you would. 😀

Ms. Vanessa is Amanda’s cousin and you can see Amanda’s boudoir session by clicking here. Ms. Vanessa is an exotic beauty. Half Dominican and half Caucasian, and hailing in at 5′ 7″ without heels! Vanessa has got quite a knack at knowing how to angle herself to take full advantage of her extremely long legs! She knows how to work the camera and I must say she gives quite the sultry look.

Check out these images!


Vanessa has the most perfect skin! I’m so envious.

KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_2 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_3 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_4 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_5 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_6 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_7 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_8

She’s got dark brown eyes that just sparkle. Love it. 😀


Vanessa is so tall! With 5″ heels on she’s just under 6′ tall. I’m 5′ 1″….do the math.

KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_10 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_11 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_12 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_13 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_14 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_15 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_16

Thank you Vanessa for being so amazing!


Ms. Amanda | Fullerton Boudoir Photographer

Be prepared for this 3 part boudoir photography extravaganza! Ms. Amanda is utterly fabulous! So comfortable in front of the camera and I especially love her smile. I was introduced to Amanda by her cousin, Vanessa, who is also in this boudoir photography extravaganza.

We had planned to shoot in Vanessa’s grandma’s home, but at the last moment I threw the girls a curve ball and pitched another idea….an outdoor boudoir shoot at my old alma mater, CSU Fullerton! The girls, were tentative at first, but once I told them that school is out and no one would be at school on a Sunday, they were totally game.

On to the images! Uh….HELLOOO….Amanda, you’re just stunning! She’s definitely got that look of a super star right? Well, little did you know that Amanda is a country singer! Yup!! She lived in Nashville for a bit too. How cool is that?

KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_1 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_2 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_3 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_4 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_5

A country singer needs a pair of boots and a guitar right? We just had to incorporate her baby taylor into the boudoir shoot as well as her fantastic cowboy boots!

KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_6 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_7 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_8 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_9 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_10 KKCS_Outdoor_Wilderness_Boudoir_Photography_Fullerton_11

Just FAB!! Thank you Amanda for being so amazing. 😀



Mrs. Sarah W. B. | Boudoir | Costa Mesa

I’ve been waiting on pins and needles to post my first sexy boudoir session with the stylish and fashionable, Sarah. I met Sarah and Daniel more than a year ago when I shot their engagement session at El Matador beach in Malibu. This boudoir session has been about  a year in the making. We finally set a date to shoot this sexy and stylish boudoir session with a month to spare before Sarah and Daniel’s one year anniversary. We did the shoot at the beautifully decorated Hotel Hanford in Costa Mesa.

Sarah was married a year ago in Santa Barbara and had this gorgeous cathedral length veil that I had to use in the shoot. Of course it paired perfectly with her designer Dior heels!

Her make up was perfectly executed by the professionals at MAC cosmetics! Love them! 

I love that Sarah is just as passionate about fashion as I am. Yes, she picked out all her outfits and accessorized them herself! It was absolutely fabulous for me to photograph and I loved capturing her beauty and her sparkling eyes for her husband’s anniversary gift. 

I loved the entire shoot and I found it really hard to narrow down the images I wanted to blog, but I think my absolute favorite is this last image. It just seems so vulnerable, beautiful, dramatic and mysterious.