Daisy + Cylix | Engagement Session | Orange County Wedding Photographer

The beautiful Astrid, invited me along for an engagement session in Pomona. I was really excited because I got to experiment and try different angles and looks in this fabulous location. This is a location that I will come back to again and again!

Daisy and Cylix wore matching outfits in a beautiful burgundy and black.

They are having a civil ceremony and wanted to have portraits taken before their big day. Their reception would be at a karoke bar with catered food! Daisy has such a unique look about her. She really stunning in photographs and in person.Daisy certainly knows how to work the camera! I love it when she gazes into my lens! 😛

Couture Clicks

What a fun and inspiring workshop. Emma of Emma Jane Photography, creator of Couture Clicks, invited photographers to join her and a team of models for a fashion shoot on the Santa Monica Pier. I am grateful to Emma for putting this event together. I was inspired by all the creative poses that my peers suggested. All the photographers were warm, inviting and friendly. We were able to spend a few hours together and we all left the workshop knowing that we made new friends.

The first set of models are Sarah and Darragh. They make such a stunning couple, but they are not a couple. Sarah is happily engaged and Darragh is happily single. *wink wink ladies.

Darragh is an Irish import!They work so well together!This is Natalie…she exudes sexiness. Look at that pout and those “come hither” eyes. The make-up artist did a fantastic job with Natalie by bringing attention to her full lips with a bright pink lipstick.Here is Patrick, who is fun loving and so friendly.I told Darragh to show me the lining of his jacket. Sell me that jacket Darragh! 😛Look how Sarah calmly catches that bouquet! 



Event organizer/Stylist= Emma Smith Couture Clicksemma jane photography)

Wardrobe- La Belle Elaines Seattle

Accesories- Renee Pawele Bride ( Orange County)

Floral- My Wedding Blooms ( Los Angeles)

Hair/Makeup- TM makeup and Hair ( Los Angeles)


Mar 13 | Sarah + Daniel

I just adore this couple. Sarah and Daniel are fun, energetic, and so sweet together. Sarah told me that she has always dreamed of doing an e-session on the beach. I couldn’t turn her down so I drove one hour from Orange County to make her dream come true.

Sarah told me that she wanted her engagement shoot to be at a very particular location. I have never heard of it before, but as soon as I googled it I was in love! The location couldn’t have been more majestic or more perfect. I knew exactly how I wanted to shoot the session and I had already pictured what type of outfit Sarah should wear.

Then the next few days Sarah asked for suggestions on an outfit and I immediately jumped to answer her! A maxi dress! I knew a maxi dress would be a perfect contrast against the rugged scenery and it totally worked in this shoot! Besides being passionate about photography, I’m equally as passionate about fashion so whenever a client asks what I suggest for an outfit I jump at the chance to give her my two cents.

See what I mean? The maxi works doesn’t it?

Sarah is simply lovely. She has the nicest legs and beautiful large eyes! Sarah had her make-up professionally done by a MAC artist and I highly recommend everyone get their make-up professionally done before a shoot. It really makes a difference ladies.Yup, I had to tell Sarah to show off her gams!

I love shooting in fields. I couldn’t leave without getting a few sunset shots in this gorgeous meadow.

Feb 20 | Christina + James

Christina & James are so sweet and are so very much in love. You can tell by the way James looks at Christina that he adores her. Christina contacted me and asked me to do an e-session for them because they were getting married in two weeks! She warned me that they would be difficult to photograph. She expressed her concern about their physical differences and was doubtful that I would want to take on a such a challenge. Needless to say I jumped at the chance because I wanted to show Christina that she is beautiful no matter what.