Feb 13 | Shannon + Rob

What can I say about these two other than they are a gorgeous couple and made my job way too easy. Rob has impeccable taste and fabulous fashion sense. Shannon looks like an angel. Together they make a gorgeous couple! They were up for anything, did all the crazy poses I suggested and were up for relocating to my favorite location…train tracks!

I told you they were gorgeous didn’t I? I hardly had to direct them. They knew how to stand and where to look and how to hold each other. An absolute dream to shoot!

Yes, Shannon’s eyes are really that beautiful. Again I did not enhance them. I told you Rob has impeccable taste didn’t i? Not only do I love his outfit, but he has the watch that I’ve been pining away for…a Cartier Pasha! These two shots are by far my favorite of the day! LOVE!With little light remaining, we quickly drove to the abandoned train tracks.Just amazing….