Sneak Peek | Liberty

Liberty turns 70! This is an amazing story of a woman who battled cancer and started a foundation to provide a roof over the heads of orphan girls! I was touched by her story and can’t wait to show you the birthday bash she put together! Happy birthday Liberty! KKCS_70thbirthday_knottsberryfarmhotel_buenapark_weddingphotographer

UCLA Dermatology Dept Christmas Celebration | Assistant Photographer Victor Garcia

OMG!! UCLA!!! Living in Southern California my entire life, I never made an effort to visit the UCLA campus. I’m so thankful that Victor asked me to come out to assist on this event so that I could finally see what a beautiful campus it really is. The party took place at Covel Commons on the third floor. I didn’t take the elevator because I wanted to walk up the round stair care! I don’t know what it is about round stair cases that fascinates me. I guess because linear ones are so common that when there’s a round/spiral one, I just get all giddy.

We had an open bar for the entire celebration! Thank you UCLA!It was an awesome night hanging out with the UCLA students and faculty and VLS Mobile Entertainment! 

May 14 | Joseph’s 6th Birthday

A themed birthday party is fun, but a pirate themed birthday party is even better! For Joseph’s 6th birthday, all guests were encouraged to dress up in pirate attire. There was a bounce house, mexican corn, snow cones and grilled hamburgers.Jonathan loves attention.Captain Hook came to the party to lead the scavenger hunt!Tamarind snow cone. I didn’t get one, but Vanessa said it was great.

Apr 16 | Sea Dogs

I have never been to a tee ball game before nor have I ever seen a game. I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived to shoot my first tee ball game. I was allowed to shoot on the field while the game was in play. Watching these little kids learn to play and putting out so much effort warmed my heart. They tried so hard to hot the ball when it was pitched to them. Although some did manage to hit it, most used the aid of the tee. It was a short one hour game, but watching these kids play their hearts out will stay in my mind forever.