Cat Woman | Bakersfield Photographer

Oh how they grow up so quickly. My eldest niece is now a teenager and quickly becoming a beautiful woman. I remember when she was first born and I held her in my arms and remembered even then how gorgeous she was. Now as a 16 year old she’s even more stunning and independent.

Julienne was Cat Woman for Halloween and I remembered seeing the picture that my sister shot, which prompted me to come up with the idea of a styled shoot! I went up to visit for Thanksgiving and I told Julienne that I wanted to shoot her wearing her costume and that I would do her hair and make-up! As many of my friends and family know, I absolutely love fashion so I was delighted when I got to create a look for this shoot.

Stunning right? Ugh, breaks my heart how fast she’s grown.

Yup! I should definitely get a modeling agent for her! πŸ˜›Β 

Phyllisophical | Tustin Photographer

Ladies, you must visit this chic, avant garde clothing store in downtown Tustin. Phyllis, owner of Phyllisophical, supports local artisans! She carries their products in her stylishly decorated store! I mean just look at the chandeliers! I absolutely love this place. As soon as you walk in you are enveloped in beautiful natural light from all sides of the store. The interior is light and airy! I just love how Phyllis and her team displays products and places all the furniture in the perfect spot!

I adore brick buildings, exposed brick, buildings with history…Phyllis sure did get a fabulous location.Look at all these amazing pieces of jewelry! All are hand made and done by local artisans. I’m a total sucker for crosses and rosaries. I wanted to buy it all!

CRAVE Buzz Party @ Erin Cole | Costa Mesa Photographer

Last night was incredible! A night filled with delicious desserts, delicate tapas, wines, gorgeous bridal gowns and gorgeous female entrepreneurs! I had the pleasure of meeting Shawn, CRAVE partner, just a few days before the event. The adorable and sweet Shawn invited me to attend this mixer to get involved with the community and meet inspiring women.

The party was held at the boutique bridal salon of Erin Cole. This gem is hidden in Costa Mesa and what a gem it is! I think I walked into the salon with my mouth open. As a photographer with a passion for fashion, I was in my element! I was dying to try on all these designer gowns! I have one very special one….you’ll never guess…

YES it’s gray and I LOVE GRAY! This gown is so avant garde and so Carrie of Sexy and the City! I zeroed in on this gown as soon as I saw it. It’s a Vera Wang also!

Erin Cole designs all the accessories seen in the store. They are so stunning. I wish I could wear them daily!These crystal encrusted sashes are to die! I’d wear them with everything!I love weddings gowns. I guess that’s why I photograph weddings. I love everything wedding. Gowns, flowers, hair, makeup, everything.Β The wonderful food was brought to us by Frostings Cupcakes, Urban Bake, and Hi-Time Wine Cellars. Of course I had the red velvet cupcake and the red velvet cake pop! I never say no to red velvet.
This was a night for women, by women. I’m so glad I got to talk to each and every one of you. Until next time….Β 


Tammy | Anthropologie Styled Shoot | Orange County Lifestyle Photographer

I did an Anthropologie styled shoot during Memorial weekend with the beautiful Laura of AnthroClosetChaos. You can see the shoot with Laura here, here, and here. I had so much fun meeting a fellow anthroholic that I attempted to do another styled shoot with another anthro blogger.

TammyΒ is new to the blogging world and I saw her post an outfit on a blog we both contribute too. I looked up her location and luckily she was local. So I took my chance and asked if she would be interested in collaborating on a photoshoot and Tammy responded YES! πŸ˜›

I had so much fun hanging out with Tammy in her home styling the outfits below! There were so many choices, that I narrowed it down to 4. I incorporated both of our styles into the outfits and added some unexpected twists. I hope you all enjoy this fun fun shoot!

Our day was filled with a lot of unexpected surprises. The first location I wanted to shoot at was about to close and we were promptly told to leave. So I moved on to the second location I had in mind which had a great rooftop view, but the gate to that location was closed as well! Oy! I was racking my brain to find a place to shoot so off to South Orange County we went.

I love how dreamy this first set looks.

Tammy is so comfortable in front of the camera. I’m envious of people who can be themselves. It’s so hard for me to be myself in front of the camera. I stiffen up as soon as I look into the lens. πŸ˜›Tammy is my idol! She has not one, not two, but THREE pairs of gorgeous Louboutins! Ugh. How I wish I can buy these fabulous stilettos too!Β Tammy’s hair and make up was done by her fabulous cousin! Such beautiful work.I so heart that birdcage necklace! Its so darling that I want to buy one too.And here’s outfit #2. I love Tammy’s laugh. It’s so infectious and I was honored to capture it on camera.Tammy’s style is feminine, vintage, girly and fun. She collects vintage cameras and vintage suitcases!Β 
I love this light here. It’s so dreamy and soft.Β Onto outfit #3…my style! Edgy yet feminine and lots of contrast! I soooooo love anything with hearts so of course I am in love with those Vivienne Westwood heels and that headband!Those triceps are from all the surfing that Tammy does! Yes, she’s a surfer too! Tammy, you amaze me!Ahhh…outfit #4. This is my favorite outfit and favorite location of the day. This location was totally and completely unexpected. Driving down the street, the road was blocked so I had to turn left at the signal to make a U. Driving back down, I noticed how the sunlight was hitting this building and I screeched to a halt. This is it! This will be our final location! πŸ˜› Out of the car we went…This is my favorite outfit of the day. It’s so unexpected and edgy. I love it. Of course I love the gold glitter Louboutins paired with this outfit too!Β This is my ultimate goal…to have backlighting, sunflares and that starburst! We stopped just in time as the sun was low on the horizon! As you may have figured out, yes we did stop at a parking structure to finish off the photoshoot.

Thank you Tammy for being a wonderful model and for trusting my vision and my choices in styling you from head to toe! πŸ˜›

June 5 | Vanessa

What better way to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon in O.C. than to hang out with friends, Vanessa & Harmony. Vanessa was kind enough to let me play dress up with her. I was the make-up artist, fashion stylist, hair stylist AND photographer for the day.

Believe it or not we are on live train tracks! Yes, I don’t know why we did it, but we did. We jumped down the platform and shot on live train tracks with live trains whizzing by! That is Vanessa on the further side of the train tracks, and I’m on the other. However, I must blame Harmony because she pointed out the train platform to shoot on. I just took it one step further….

Vanessa had the feathers put in her hair at a salon. I took it a step further and straightened her hair and braided her hair back to show off the feathers more. Lovely eye make-up don’t you agree? Why, thank you! πŸ˜›
I love how clean, crisp and youthful this outfit and make-up is. It totally fits the season. For our next outfit change, we went into a Starbucks and Vanessa changed there. While she was changing I noticed this amazing area and knew I had to take a few shots in this corner. I’m sure the customers didn’t appreciate it, but anything for a shot! πŸ˜›