Li Family | Seattle

My first destination shoot of 2013! I wanted to visit Seattle for a very long time and now I had the chance! Cindy and James have been long time friends with my sister. When I heard that they were visiting from England and that they wanted to have a shoot with their son Rykin, I jumped at the chance. I mean who can say no to a destination shoot? Really? 😛

The trip was pretty gloomy most of the days, but today was an exception. The sky was blue and sunny, the air was crisp and clean. We definitely wanted to take advantage of the good weather so we started at the infamous Pike Place Market.

KKCS_Li_Family_Pike_Place_Seattle_02 I just love their outfits don’t you? KKCS_Li_Family_Pike_Place_Seattle_03 Ah, Rykin was just a joy to photograph. Not fussy at all. He was quite relaxed. Perhaps he was just in awe of his new surroundings and new people. 😛 KKCS_Li_Family_Pike_Place_Seattle_04 KKCS_Li_Family_Pike_Place_Seattle_05 KKCS_Li_Family_Pike_Place_Seattle_06 KKCS_Li_Family_Pike_Place_Seattle_09 This is one of my favorites images of the day. A quiet moment between father and son. I just love these fleeting moments that I can capture when the subjects aren’t looking.
KKCS_Li_Family_Pike_Place_Seattle_10 KKCS_Li_Family_Pike_Place_Seattle_11 KKCS_Li_Family_Pike_Place_Seattle_13

Cross Fit Brea / Cross Fit Whittier…WOD!

Everyone knows about the amazing new fitness trend…Cross Fit! We’ve seen the Cross Fit games, our friends are Cross Fit members and on the paleo diet. Well I had the incredible opportunity to shoot for Cross Fit Brea and Cross Fit Whittier awhile back. I have never seen such insane training and extreme sweating! 24 Hour Fitness group X classes has nothing on Cross Fit!

I admire these individuals so much for their effort and energy. It takes a lot of heart and determination to get through these grueling workouts and I’m extremely honored to have captured these images showing their dedication.

KKCS_Cross_Fit_Brea_Cross_Fit_Whittier_01 KKCS_Cross_Fit_Brea_Cross_Fit_Whittier_02 KKCS_Cross_Fit_Brea_Cross_Fit_Whittier_07 KKCS_Cross_Fit_Brea_Cross_Fit_Whittier_06 KKCS_Cross_Fit_Brea_Cross_Fit_Whittier_05 KKCS_Cross_Fit_Brea_Cross_Fit_Whittier_04 KKCS_Cross_Fit_Brea_Cross_Fit_Whittier_03 KKCS_Cross_Fit_Brea_Cross_Fit_Whittier_08 KKCS_Cross_Fit_Brea_Cross_Fit_Whittier_09 KKCS_Cross_Fit_Brea_Cross_Fit_Whittier_10

Domo Gang | Bakersfield Photographer

So I really got put to work this Thanksgiving! Besides having to prepare and cook Thanksgiving dinner my sister also had me do a Christmas shoot for her Christmas cards! Oy vey! But how can I resist shooting my favorite subjects, my nieces.

Although my girls were and still are against being photographed, I had to trick them into it by telling them that they can bring their favorite plush character on the shoot…DOMO!

I love pampering my girls every time I visit. I usually give them manicures and mini makeovers whenever I visit. What can I say? I love fashion!

First up…Julienne.

Second is Jordan who is 13. Third up is Jenna who is 12 and the baby. Although she hates being called a “baby”. But look at the Domo…it is a baby! 😛
I just happened to come across this gorgeous setting as the girls and I rode our bikes to the park earlier that day.Why can’t they remain babies? 😛 I ask them that all the time and they just look at me and say “Oh Auntie…” and shake their heads. Lol.

Elaine + Bryan Part 2 | Los Angeles Portrait Lifestyle Photographer

This is part two of the lifestyle session I did with Elaine and Bryan. You can view part one here.

After the Griffith Observatory, we had a quick change of outfit and headed to our second part of the session at the park. Elaine and Bryan have a new bundle of joy added to their family so we had to incorporate Chester into the session as well. Chester, the dapper kitten with an orange bow and burberry plaid collar! 😛 How cute is he?!

I absolutely loved the fact that Elaine had a book of all the important little tid bits of their 5 years together. The first movie stub, the first airline ticket, the coaster from a restaurant. All wonderful memories and all documented.Elaine commented that smiling and laughing is more like them, but I think they pull off the sexy and smolder look too!Take a look at that journal! That’s 5+ years documented! Keep it going Elaine! I hope to photograph you and Bryan when you two hit 10 years!Bryan is totally cool! That was the first time I had met him and I believe we got along fabulously too! In addition to being cool, calm, and fun he speaks our native tongue, Cantonese! Aren’t they too cute for words?? Ugh. 😛 Thank you Elaine & Bryan for being awesome people and trusting my vision. I hope to grab that lunch with you next month! Whoo hoo! 

Elaine + Bryan Part 1 | Los Angeles Lifestyle Portrait Photographer

This is a long overdue post and thank you to Elaine and Bryan for being so patient with me during this busy month. This is the second time that I have had the honor of photographing Elaine. You can see the first session with Elaine and the story of how we met here.

My sweet and talented friend, Elaine, asked if I would do a lifestyle session of her and her boyfriend of 5 years, Bryan. Well to say that I was honored to be asked and ecstatic that I can hang out with Elaine again would be an understatement. You see, Elaine and I met many months ago and hit it off so well that we had wanted to find some time to hang out again. However, due to both our busy schedules and our physical distance it has been difficult to come up with an agreeable date. 🙂 Thankfully, we both had 7/23/11 available so had planned on shooting at a location that reflects both her and Bryan’s style. Another plus, was that I’ve always wanted to shoot at the famous Griffith Observatory! Score!

Be forewarned that this was a massive lifestyle session and a massive post so I must split this into two posts! 😛 All the images came out beautifully so I can’t cram everything into one post can I?

We started at the Observatory bright and early to avoid the crowds and get that softer summer light. Elaine always knows how to work that camera! Rawr!

Aren’t they adorable together? I just love how they fit into each other so perfectly…two pieces of a jig saw puzzle. Sweet!The light in this all glass corridor is scrumptious!!! I love how it bounces off every surface! 

The chemistry between Bryan and Elaine is palpitating! I am totally honored to be able to capture their 5 years of love and life together.Ok, seriously. How infectious is her smile? Just brightens your day doesn’t it?