Sun Family | Diamond Bar | Family Portrait Photographer

NEWS UPDATE: The Sun’s have welcomed baby #2, Roy, one week after I photographed them! What great timing eh? Congratulations to Glen, Katrina and big sister, Chloe, Rio and Lamby (furry family members) for the newest addition to the Sun Family.

I have watched Chloe grow up these last couple of years and I have witnessed her personality taking shape. She’s such a character and full of energy. I absolutely loved photographing her and she made me laugh so many times. Katrina is not only an amazing home cook with her own youtube channel for all her delicious recipes (check out her channel here) but she is also VP of Loop & Thread. Glen is the creator of Sleep Yoga™, a new line of posture improving pillow products based on the principles of yoga. Sleep Yoga™ has been full funded on Kickstarter. If you would like to read more about Sleep Yoga™, check it out here.

Now that you’ve got an introduction to the family, let’s jump into the images! I am so excited to share these!

KKCS_Sun_Family_Maternity_Session_Baby_Bump_Diamond_Bar_1KKCS_Sun_Family_Maternity_Session_Baby_Bump_Diamond_Bar_21 KKCS_Sun_Family_Maternity_Session_Baby_Bump_Diamond_Bar_20 KKCS_Sun_Family_Maternity_Session_Baby_Bump_Diamond_Bar_19 KKCS_Sun_Family_Maternity_Session_Baby_Bump_Diamond_Bar_18 KKCS_Sun_Family_Maternity_Session_Baby_Bump_Diamond_Bar_17 KKCS_Sun_Family_Maternity_Session_Baby_Bump_Diamond_Bar_16 KKCS_Sun_Family_Maternity_Session_Baby_Bump_Diamond_Bar_15 KKCS_Sun_Family_Maternity_Session_Baby_Bump_Diamond_Bar_14 KKCS_Sun_Family_Maternity_Session_Baby_Bump_Diamond_Bar_13 KKCS_Sun_Family_Maternity_Session_Baby_Bump_Diamond_Bar_12 KKCS_Sun_Family_Maternity_Session_Baby_Bump_Diamond_Bar_11 KKCS_Sun_Family_Maternity_Session_Baby_Bump_Diamond_Bar_10 KKCS_Sun_Family_Maternity_Session_Baby_Bump_Diamond_Bar_9 KKCS_Sun_Family_Maternity_Session_Baby_Bump_Diamond_Bar_8 KKCS_Sun_Family_Maternity_Session_Baby_Bump_Diamond_Bar_7 KKCS_Sun_Family_Maternity_Session_Baby_Bump_Diamond_Bar_6 KKCS_Sun_Family_Maternity_Session_Baby_Bump_Diamond_Bar_5 KKCS_Sun_Family_Maternity_Session_Baby_Bump_Diamond_Bar_4 KKCS_Sun_Family_Maternity_Session_Baby_Bump_Diamond_Bar_3 KKCS_Sun_Family_Maternity_Session_Baby_Bump_Diamond_Bar_2


Baby E | Brea Lifestyle Portrait Photography

I had the honor of capturing this wonderful occasion in the life of Christina and Chris. This is their first child and as a surprise they didn’t want to find out the gender until the baby was ready to present him or herself. With just days before the baby was due, Christina opted for a quick maternity session.

I was a bit nervous upon entering their home because I’ve always wanted to do a maternity session with the parents in an intimate setting. So in order to do that it would require both of them to expose a little more of themselves than they normally would. But without any hesitation, on Christina’s part, she was up for the challenge!

Christina was due any day, and I have to say that she looked so amazing!

Chris is handsome also and races in triathalons! That’s amazing!Isn’t Christina gorgeous? She’s Italian – Vietnamese! Such an exotic combo.
Stunner right? I love that look in her eyes! Chris, you’re one lucky guy!! I absolutely adore the energy between Christina & Chris! Not only are they playful, but they’re so in love.This image on the left has got to be my favorite image of the day! So beautiful, so intimate, so real. Takes my breath away.Yes, Christina takes my breath away too! She’s such a model.
The bunny and Curious George belongs to Christina and Chris. Those were their childhood toys that they’ve kept all these years.Christina & Chris, you two are such amazing people. Thank you for letting me into your home and your lives. 

Astrid Baloun | Maternity Session

The beautiful Astrid is a fellow photographer based in Orange County. We met up for coffee at my favorite coffee shop, Kean’s Coffee, in Tustin. It was an extremely warm day and we relaxed inside the coffee shop with our icy caffeinated beverages. We chatted about the business and our hopes and dreams for growing our business. I found out that she is Guatemalan…that is where her beautiful skin and shining large eyes come from.

After we finished our drinks, I suggested that we do a quicky maternity session. Astrid was totally up for it! We jumped in our cars and headed down to the park.

Isn’t this light on Astrid just gorgeous? She’s carrying her second daughter, Kaia, which is to be due in on month!

Astrid is so natural and comfortable in front of the camera…a photographer’s dream.