Apr 29 | Heidi + Daniel

So after meeting Harmony for the first time that day, I was also meeting her sister and brother-in-law for the very first time. I was a little nervous at how I will be accepted and how they will interact with a total stranger interrupting their maternity session, but Heidi and Daniel were very welcoming. Heidi expressed her idea for shooting at the park because it will be the park that she will be taking her new baby boy, Joshua Daniel, in the very near future.

This adorable little girl jumped into our shots as we were shooting. I guess she wanted to be in the family portrait too! 😛
Harmony told me that they went with a monkey theme for the baby shower and the baby’s nursery decor.The light is amazing here isn’t it? I think my signature look is backlighting. I always look for backlighting in all my shoots.…and sun flares! A lot of my pictures have sun flares in them. They are annoying to some people, but not me.Golden hour…I adore this light. It’s warm, inviting, soft, and loving. Doesn’t it look like the light is just kissing Heidi?Heidi has the most beautiful amber colored eyes, and Daniel has the most enviable green eyes. I wonder what colored eyes Joshua Daniel will have.