Li Family | Seattle

My first destination shoot of 2013! I wanted to visit Seattle for a very long time and now I had the chance! Cindy and James have been long time friends with my sister. When I heard that they were visiting from England and that they wanted to have a shoot with their son Rykin, I jumped at the chance. I mean who can say no to a destination shoot? Really? 😛

The trip was pretty gloomy most of the days, but today was an exception. The sky was blue and sunny, the air was crisp and clean. We definitely wanted to take advantage of the good weather so we started at the infamous Pike Place Market.

KKCS_Li_Family_Pike_Place_Seattle_02 I just love their outfits don’t you? KKCS_Li_Family_Pike_Place_Seattle_03 Ah, Rykin was just a joy to photograph. Not fussy at all. He was quite relaxed. Perhaps he was just in awe of his new surroundings and new people. 😛 KKCS_Li_Family_Pike_Place_Seattle_04 KKCS_Li_Family_Pike_Place_Seattle_05 KKCS_Li_Family_Pike_Place_Seattle_06 KKCS_Li_Family_Pike_Place_Seattle_09 This is one of my favorites images of the day. A quiet moment between father and son. I just love these fleeting moments that I can capture when the subjects aren’t looking.
KKCS_Li_Family_Pike_Place_Seattle_10 KKCS_Li_Family_Pike_Place_Seattle_11 KKCS_Li_Family_Pike_Place_Seattle_13

Elmore + Keller Family | Orange County Lifestyle Photographer

I absolutely adore Christina and Chris who I ran into on a warm Saturday afternoon in Brea. You can read more about the story here. When Christina contacted me for a Christmas shoot with her new 3 month old baby girl and her in-laws, the Keller family, I was super thrilled! I captured Christina’s baby bump during the summer just a couple days from her due date and I haven’t seen her since. So being able to capture their new baby was a treat for me as well as being reconnected with the Keller family and seeing the adorable Kolby’s face again.

So excited to see Christina and Chris introducing their precious girl, Emmaline.

I love the name Emmaline too. It’s so unique and original. I especially love the huge flower headband that Christina’s relatives gifted to baby E. The gorgeous girls together! Baby E is an absolute doll! I love her with this outfit on! After the shoot, I just had to put my camera down and give Baby E a cuddle. She was so light too!The beautiful Elmore family! You can see that Baby E already has daddy wrapped around her teeny tiny fingers. That’s right! You work it Emmaline!Christina’s idea for this shoot was to get a family portrait together with all the grandkids, siblings and spouses to give to their mother Kathy and new step-father, Ron as a Christmas gift. You can see Kathy and Ron’s wedding here.Look how tiny Baby E is! I love this photo! The Keller family! Linda is Chris’ sister and was also in Kathy’s bridal party. In fact, the entire Keller family was in the bridal party. I also adore that Linda gave her two sons names that begin with a “K”. I’m partial to the letter “K” what can I say? Introducing Kyle (father), Kenny (eldest son) and Kolby, the stunningly handsome kid in front.The grandkids all together!
Linda gets to babysit Emmaline quite often, I’m so jealous! I’d love to babysit Emmaline too! Thank you Christina and Chris for inviting me into your family and allowing me to capture these precious moments in your lives! 


Domo Gang | Bakersfield Photographer

So I really got put to work this Thanksgiving! Besides having to prepare and cook Thanksgiving dinner my sister also had me do a Christmas shoot for her Christmas cards! Oy vey! But how can I resist shooting my favorite subjects, my nieces.

Although my girls were and still are against being photographed, I had to trick them into it by telling them that they can bring their favorite plush character on the shoot…DOMO!

I love pampering my girls every time I visit. I usually give them manicures and mini makeovers whenever I visit. What can I say? I love fashion!

First up…Julienne.

Second is Jordan who is 13. Third up is Jenna who is 12 and the baby. Although she hates being called a “baby”. But look at the Domo…it is a baby! 😛
I just happened to come across this gorgeous setting as the girls and I rode our bikes to the park earlier that day.Why can’t they remain babies? 😛 I ask them that all the time and they just look at me and say “Oh Auntie…” and shake their heads. Lol.

Cat Woman | Bakersfield Photographer

Oh how they grow up so quickly. My eldest niece is now a teenager and quickly becoming a beautiful woman. I remember when she was first born and I held her in my arms and remembered even then how gorgeous she was. Now as a 16 year old she’s even more stunning and independent.

Julienne was Cat Woman for Halloween and I remembered seeing the picture that my sister shot, which prompted me to come up with the idea of a styled shoot! I went up to visit for Thanksgiving and I told Julienne that I wanted to shoot her wearing her costume and that I would do her hair and make-up! As many of my friends and family know, I absolutely love fashion so I was delighted when I got to create a look for this shoot.

Stunning right? Ugh, breaks my heart how fast she’s grown.

Yup! I should definitely get a modeling agent for her! 😛