New York | Day 1

Hello all! It’s been a very long time since I have last blogged. I still have a lot of weddings and lifestyle portraits that I need to blog, but before I do that I just wanted to let you know what I have been up to. Last week I was lucky enough to visit New York for a business trip. I haven’t been back to this amazing city for 7 years so I was pretty excited to see what has changed.

I arrived on St. Patrick’s Day, Monday with a plan in mind! The first thing I did after I dropped off my suitcase at the Radisson Martinique in Midtown Manhattan was to head straight to Shake Shack! Everyone who has eaten at this burger joint raves about it. I’m not much of a burger fan myself, but I thought I would give it a try!

It only took a 15 minute walk from the Radisson Martinique to Madison Square Park, which is where Shake Shack and the Flatiron Building is located. What is the Flatiron Building? It’s that triangular building you see below. I didn’t get a chance to see what the building housed, but I will be back next time to check it out.KKCS_NewYork_NewYork_Shake_Shack_Madison_Square_Park_Shroom_Burger_2 KKCS_NewYork_NewYork_Shake_Shack_Madison_Square_Park_Shroom_Burger_1

This is my burger! I ordered the “Shroom” burger with fries! It was definitely interesting. The breaded and fried mushroom was crispy on the outside and once you bit into it was oozing with a warm cheese sauce. The burger buns were definitely delightful as they were light and fluffy and quite tasty. Sort of like a Brioche bun! The fries were crispy but so unlike our Socal fries because our Socal fries are straight cut, while the east coast fries have a zig-zag shape.

KKCS_NewYork_NewYork_Shake_Shack_Madison_Square_Park_Shroom_Burger_3 KKCS_NewYork_NewYork_Shake_Shack_Madison_Square_Park_Shroom_Burger_4

The next destination on my “must hit” list was Boqueria also located in the Flatiron neighborhood. Why is it a “must hit”? I needed to see if the tapas were truly authentic like the tapas I have had in Spain. I must say that although it was pricey, it didn’t disappoint! I had “Bombas de la Barceloneta” and “Pintxos Marunos”! It was delish and boy was I full!!

Stay tuned for more as I have 3 more days of NYC to show you!

KKCS_NewYork_NewYork_Boqueria_Flatiron_Bombas_de_la_Barceloneta_Pintxos_Morunos_2 KKCS_NewYork_NewYork_Boqueria_Flatiron_Quesos_y_Embutidos_1



Seattle 2013 | Part 3

Happy Mother’s Day to all the fabulous and beautiful mothers out there! Thank you for raising us to be the wonderful, successful individuals that we are! XO

A las here is the conclusion to my Seattle 2013 three part series (see part 1 and part 2). I saved the best for last! During my stay in Seattle, I stayed at the Edgewater Hotel in downtown Seattle. The Edgewater is located right on the water! It’s such a romantic and amazing location. Although the decor is a bit outdated, I felt that it gave a very cozy and comfortable feeling. In fact, all I wanted to do was stay in my suite the entire day enjoying my waterfront view, the cozy fireplace, and the claw foot tub! 😛 Falling asleep to the sound of the water and waking up to the crisp, cool Puget Sound air was an incredible feeling.

This is the view from my waterfront suite! Eek!!! Isn’t it glorious?


Here are some interior shots of the suite.

kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_20 kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_21 kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_22

Of course, I couldn’t lock myself away in the suite the entire trip! Off to explore more of Seattle.

kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_23 kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_24

My last day in Seattle I had to see the mountains and the snow. The drive up was magnificent. Truly breathtaking.

kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_25 kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_26

One day I hope to return and be able to enjoy the snow. Perhaps snowboard or build a snow man. 😛


Seattle 2013 | Part 2

Hi again! As promised here is part two of my Seattle trip earlier this year (click here for part 1). I am excited to share with you “Seattle Center“, which consists of the Pacific Science Center, KeyArena, Space Needle with a 360 degree view of Pugent Sound, Monorail which is elevated and takes you into downtown. Oh, I almost forgot…the EMP Museum, which is the coolest building in Seattle!

I have part 3 coming up next week! Stay tuned!

kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_12 kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_13 kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_14 kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_15 kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_16 kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_18 kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_17

Seattle 2013 | Part 1

Seattle has been a destination that I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. When I was asked if I would shoot a family session in Seattle in February I jumped at the chance to shoot a destination family session (click here to view the Li family session) and take a little R&R in the beautiful green city of Seattle.

I arrived in Seattle at 10 am and the city was pretty much covered in thick fog. Coming from Southern California, I was surprised at how little visibility there was. It was a welcome change though. The cool, crisp weather was invigorating!


I was pretty surprised at how every surface was covered in teeny, tiny flora. It really was a unique sight.

kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_2 kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_3 kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_4 kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_5

When people say that Seattle is one of the wettest places in the country, they weren’t kidding! Moss, dew drops, green….I was definitely not in Southern California.

kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_6 kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_7 kkcs_seattle_washington_photographer_8

The moss is really, really thick! As thick as carpet. Actually, I would say everything was carpeted in moss.



Snoqualmie Falls is such a unique sight. It was my first time at a “falls” and I was surprised at how wet and misty it was. The falls were mighty strong and powerful to create a haze of mist. Stay tuned for part 2 of my Seattle adventure.


Renaissance Club Sport Hotel • Fitness • Spa | Aliso Viejo

This past weekend I was able to assist Brian Carter of Pixel That! Photography. Everyone was getting ready at the Renaissance Club Sport Hotel in Aliso Viejo. I’ve never heard of this place before so I was a bit curious. Walking through the front door of the hotel I knew this place would be special. The decor was completely MY style! It is modern, edgy, masculine with strong linear patterns and lines, but is softened with bright punches of color. Just check out these images I captured on my trusty iPhone.

Look at that texture and crisp lines! Then the curved wooden slats in a dark mahogany…scrumpdeeliumptious! Ok I just made up that word.

Gosh I want that tortoise shell lantern for my side tables. I love the juxtaposition of the glass and wood. Isn’t the carpet fun? I mean it’s whimsical and the colors are so punchy! Definitely FUN! Oh the desk….the front desk….I want something like that for my home!I can’t wait for another couple to get ready in this hotel. OH please someone stay here!