Bailey + Andy Wedding | Queen Mary, Long Beach

Another epic wedding with Wai Reyes photography! Bailey and Andy live in New York; Bailey a ballerina and Andy a musician for the U.S. marines. They wanted to have a destination wedding…something vintage. What better venue than the Queen Mary?! I adore this couple and this wedding so much!

Oh, and by the way, their wedding was on 12/29/12! Definitely a fantastic way to end 2012.

kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_01 Everything vintage. I love Bailey’s style. Her dress, her cape that was hand made by her aunt, her jewelry…she was breathtaking. kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_02 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_03 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_04 These two are so beautiful together. Not only are they beautiful on the outside, but so sweet and caring on the inside. I am so lucky to always work with incredible people. kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_11 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_10 It had rained earlier that morning and was quite chilly and gloomy. However, when it was time for the first look, the sun peeked through the clouds and cast such a beautiful golden light on the wedding day! kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_09 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_08 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_07 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_06 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_05 The talented Halleigh of Moment Privé put together this beautiful wedding.kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_18 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_17 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_16 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_15 Golden light…I’m telling ya. Kills me every time. ADORE! kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_14 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_13 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_12 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_25 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_24 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_23 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_22 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_21 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_20 kkcs_bailey_andy_queen_mary_wedding_19